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Online Ordering FAQs

General FAQ | Deli Dollars FAQ | Group Order FAQ



General FAQ

How do I start an online order?

From there are two ways to start an order.

  1. Click the "Online Ordering" button in the top right corner. This will take you to a new landing page where you can search for your closest location by ZIP code or by using a specific address. Once you have chosen your location and you're taken to that deli's ordering page, be sure to bookmark it for future direct access.
  2. You can also click on the "Locations" option from the main navigation. Enter your ZIP code to find your closest location. Click on the deli name for details (phone number, hours, etc.). Or select Order Online to start an order from your chosen location. Video Tutorial

How do I place an order?

Pick Up Order Video Tutorial | Delivery Order Video Tutorial

To order online, you may first log in to your registered account, or stay logged out to order as a guest. Afterward, select the location for your order from the drop down at the top of the screen.

You will receive a pop up prompting to choose your order type, select either Pick Up or Delivery. After choosing your order type, enter the date and time you wish to place your order.

For delivery orders, you will be prompted to enter the delivery address. If you are logged in to your registered account, you may select a previously used address from the drop down “Use existing." After updating all of the order details, click “OK” to proceed to the menu, and then add your desired items to your order.

To continue on to the checkout process, click the shopping cart icon at the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Your itemized cart will appear to the right, and click the “Checkout” button to proceed. If not logged in to an account, you will be prompted to log in or click "Checkout as a Guest." After you have entered your contact details, click "Submit."

You will then be prompted to verify all your order details. Click the “Next” button for all the details until you reach the final step “Payment”. To pay online with a credit card, select “Pay Online”, and then “Add a credit card”. You will then be prompted to enter all your valid credit card details. After entering all the credit card details click the “Submit” button to add this payment to your order. If logged in to your account, you may choose a saved credit card that displays under the “Pay Online” payment option.

To pay with Cash, Business Check or at the deli location, select “Pay In Restaurant” for pick up orders or “Pay Upon Delivery” for delivery orders.

If you are placing a delivery order, and you do not meet the minimum dollar amount, you will not be able to proceed. You will receive the following message “Unfortunately your order must be $XX in order to qualify for delivery.” You will need to go back to your cart and add more items to meet the location’s delivery minimum dollar amount. 

Click “Continue to checkout” to proceed. Your “Order Summary” with all the order details will display on this final screen, and to submit your order click “Place Order”.

An “Order Status” screen will display with the message “Your order has been placed successfully. Your order Number:__________”. 

How do I know I am logged into my account?

You can click the person icon at the top of the screen, located next to the shopping cart icon. If logged in, you will see multiple links to select, including “Logout."

How do I know if I am finished with my order?

Jason’s Deli will always provide you an order number on your screen once your order is submitted. If you have not received an order number, continue through the checkout process until one is displayed. 

How do I know if my order was received?

Once your order has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Is there a delivery minimum or delivery fee?

Delivery minimums and delivery fees vary per location. Please contact your local store for details.

Why is there no “Checkout” button?

The “Checkout” button can be clicked once your order has reached the minimum order value (for delivery), or you have ordered at least one item (for pickup). The subtotal must meet the minimum order value before tax and delivery fee. Minimums and delivery fees vary by location.

How do I remove items?

Click the shopping cart symbol to view your items, and then click “Remove” located directly above the item.

Is my information secure?

Yes! All of your details, including your credit card details, are encrypted using industry-strength security and transmitted over a secure link to our servers.

Will I be able to pay by credit card?

Yes! We currently accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Accepted credit cards vary based on location.

How do I update my credit card information?

Credit cards cannot be updated; you can only remove or add new credit cards. To add or remove a credit card from your account you must be logged in. On the online ordering web platform, click on the person icon at the top of the page, then select “Credit Cards” to view your saved credit cards on that account.

To remove a saved credit card from your account, click the red “X” next to the credit card you wish to remove. You will then be prompted to confirm the removal, click “Yes."

To add a new credit card to your account, click “Add Credit Card” at the top. You will the be prompted to enter the card details. After entering all the valid details, click “Submit."

On the app, you can add a new card during the checkout process when applying payment to your order, but cards must be removed through the online ordering site using the information above.

How do I get a copy of my Online Order for my records?

Log in to your account, click the person icon at the top of the screen, and then click "Order History." Here you will be able to View and Print any of your online orders. If the order you are looking for is not shown, please ensure you are logged in to the correct account. You may also see more orders by clicking the arrows at the bottom of your order history. You can also rearrange your orders by Date if you click “Date” above the order(s) date and time listed in your order history.

What Internet Browser does your system support?

Our online ordering site is supported by most commonly used browsers; however we certify the use of Internet Explorer 9, 10 & 11, Google Chrome and Safari (excluding beta versions).

I forgot my password. What can I do?

Click on the person icon at the top of the screen and then click the “Log in” button, click “Forgot Password” then enter your email and click "Submit." The system will send an email with instructions for resetting the password to the registered email address.

You didn’t receive an email from the website?

Please check your spam and junk folders as these can be caught depending on your email providers filters. You may also add [email protected] to your address book to help prevent this from happening in the future.

Other Questions?

Please direct questions to any of the following:
[email protected]
(409) 838-1976

Got a suggestion? Got a complaint? We want to know! We are eager to make improvements to our service and products.

Terms & Conditions?

Please click here to view our Terms & Conditions



Deli Dollars FAQ

How is the new Deli Dollars rewards program different from the previous one?

You’ll continue to earn rewards at the same 4% rate as before (1 point = $.04). In the new program, you won’t be able to redeem points until you’ve reached 250. But you will be able to earn points on all your food and drink purchases - not just online or app purchases. You’ll also now be able to redeem your points in person at the deli instead of online only. The new program also offers additional opportunities to offer additional discounts and special offers for members.

How do I earn Deli Dollars and what are they worth?

When you order directly from Jason’s Deli, you are rewarded one (1) Deli Dollar for each dollar (U.S. currency) you spend. Currently, each Deli Dollar is the equivalent of 4 cents ($0.04 U.S. currency) toward the purchase of future menu items.

Deli Dollars are NOT redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred to a gift card or other accounts/users. Deli Dollars cannot be earned on items from the Community Partners Program menu, delivery fees, taxes, tips, gift card purchases or purchases made through a third-party provider.

When placing an order online or with the app, you must be logged in to your account for the points to be credited to your account. If you're ordering by phone, be sure to tell the order taker that you are a Deli Dollars member and they will look up your account using either your email address or phone number. If you're ordering in person at the deli, you can give your phone number or email address to the order taker or you can scan your unique QR code located in the Rewards section of the app.

Can I still earn points if I forgot to check in?

You can claim your points within 48 hours of purchase by entering the receipt's barcode number in the Rewards section of the app. 

When do I receive Deli Dollars?

Deli Dollars are awarded four (4) hours after your order has been completed at the restaurant and after your payment has been received. If you do not see the points in your account after 4 hours, you can enter the receipt's barcode in the app. If your receipt does not have a barcode number at the bottom, you can send the receipt to [email protected] within 48 hours after the purchase for further assistance.

How do I know if I successfully checked in to get my Deli Dollars?

Hold on to your receipt! You can confirm the in-store checkin was successful if there is a line item on the receipt that reads PunchhQR Code, PunchhEM Code or PunchhPH Code (depending on the method you used to check in). Receipts with that line will also have a barcode at the bottom but they will not have a barcode number because the system has already tied that receipt and purchase to your account.

If you confirm your checkin was successful but you do not see your Deli Dollars deposited after 4 hours, please email a copy of the receipt to [email protected]. A receipt is required in order to obtain the credit. If you did not keep your receipt, you can request a copy online. Mistakes do happen, especially when technology is involved, and we're happy to make sure you get credit for your purchase if you successfully checked in but don't receive the points. 

Humans can mess up, too. We always do our best to make sure the process is followed for every customer, but we're not perfect. If you checked in with the order taker but you do not see the Punchh line item on your receipt and there is a barcode number printed at the bottom, you must enter that barcode in the Rewards section of your app in order to claim the points. Receipts are valid for 48 hours so be sure to claim the points before they expire. Customer service is not able to credit points after the 48-hour period.

I checked in with the order taker but my Deli Dollars never appeared in my account?

See section above. 

Is there a minimum of Deli Dollars required for redemption?

Yes. You must have a minimum of 250 Deli Dollars (points) to use them as a payment option. If you have enough available, the option to use Deli Dollars appears on the payment page online or in the app. You can redeem in store by signing in with the order taker and redeeming a portion of your points and providing the redemption code to your order taker, or use all your available rewards by letting the order taker know you'd like to use your balance toward payment.

How do I spend Deli Dollars?

You may redeem Deli Dollars only for menu items on the Deli Menu or Catering Menu. Deli Dollars will appear as a payment option when your Deli Dollars account has reached the program redemption requirement.

Note: You can also use qualifying Deli Dollars to pay a portion of your online orders. Redeem the portion of Deli Dollars you wish to use in the app and add an additional method of payment to pay the remainder of the balance.

Who earns Deli Dollars on a Group Order? (Single Payment vs. Multiple Payment)

In a Group Order where one person (the creator) is paying for the entire order, the creator of the order will earn all Deli Dollars for orders placed by the attendees.

In a Group Order where one person (the creator) sets up the order for all attendees to pay on their own, each individual attendee of the order will earn all of his or her own Deli Dollars for the order placed. Attendees must be signed in to their accounts in order to get credit for the transaction.

Do I have to spend my Deli Dollars with the delis where I earn them?

No. You can redeem Deli Dollars at any participating Jason’s Deli restaurant. Locations where Deli Dollars are not offered include university campus and airport delis.

Where do I check my Deli Dollars balance?

Account information can be viewed after logging in to your account through the app, the website or in the online ordering site. Through online ordering, navigate to your Account Settings. At the top of your Account Settings, there will be a header titled Deli Dollars. If you click in this section you will see your available balance. You will also be able to see all of your orders which either earned Deli Dollars or redeemed Deli Dollars, on this same page.

Are Deli Dollars transferable?

Deli Dollars cannot be transferred to another account.

How do referrals work?

You can invite friends and family to join the program using your unique code. If the person you invite joins the program using your code, you will earn 15 extra points after they’ve made their first purchase. In addition, the person you referred will receive a reward for a free large drink after they’ve made their first purchase, which will appear on their main Rewards screen in the app.

Do you still offer a birthday reward?

There is a new birthday offer available but you’ll have to be enrolled in Deli Dollars in order to receive it. On your actual birthday, you will receive a reward for one free individual dessert that is valid for 30 days. The reward can be redeemed through the app, online or in person. Offers that expire without use will be removed from your account and cannot be restored.

Do Deli Dollars expire?

Yes, they do. Unused banked rewards (dollar amounts) expire one (1) year after they have been earned. We hope you use and enjoy them!

How Do I Reset My Password?

To reset your password, clink on this link and follow the instructions that apply to your situation:  Password Reset Instructions



Group Order FAQ

What is a Group Order?

A Group Order is an order setup for a group where one person does not have to add everyone’s individual order. The organizer (person setting up the group order) creates a Group order by adding emails or phone numbers to their online address book on The system sends an invitation containing the organizer’s name, organizer’s email, and phone number. This email invitation allows each individual to directly access the order on the Jason’s Deli site and add their desired items.

Why use Group Ordering?

Group Ordering can be a great time saving tool. It eliminates one person having to gather everyone’s order to call it in. Each person is responsible for ordering their own food and can select exactly what items they would like.

How do I create a Group Order?

Video Tutorial

Select a location first from the drop down at the top of the screen. Login to your account, select "Group Order", and then select “Invite to Order”. Group Orders can only be placed by registered accounts. Select an order type (pick up or delivery) and then click "Next." Proceed to select your pick up or delivery date and time, and then click “Next” at the bottom of the screen. On the following Invite to Order screen, fill-in the Group Order details. This information includes an order name, deadline for submission, who is paying for the order, and a brief message if you wish. You can also select to receive notifications for when a contact adds food to your order or declines. Under the Contacts to Invite section, select existing contacts or click the Add New button. After all the contacts have been selected, click “Send or update invitations”.

You will then receive a pop up letting you know the Group Order has been started successfully, and then you will be redirected to the menu. After you add your items to the cart, and add to the Group Order, you will be prompted for payment by the system if everyone is paying individually. If you are paying for the entire Group Order, you will add payment at the end while checking out and finalizing the Group Order.


  • Closing Time - The system will not automatically submit the order once it reaches the scheduled deadline. The creator of the order must return to the order to finalize and submit the order once all of your contacts have added their food.
  • Message - You can include a personalized message to your attendees which will appear to all the guests on their invitation. The deli does not receive any notes entered in this field.
  • Delivery Fee Responsibility - The creator of the Group Order is responsible for arranging payment for the delivery fee when selecting a Group Order for delivery.

Who pays on a group order? (Single Payment vs. Multiple Payment)

For single pay orders, the creator of the order is in charge of the entire balance due. Multi-pay orders enable each contact to pay for their own food. The creator is responsible for the delivery fee, regardless of whether single or multiple payments is selected.

How do I review line item details on a group order?

Login to your account, click "Group Orders”, locate and click on the Group Order name. The Group Order will display the items ordered by your contacts and their name (as entered by the organizer on the invitation).

Where do I change the group order settings on an existing group order?

Once logged in, click "Group Order" located at the top of the screen, and then click “Manage Group Order”. Locate and click the Group Order name, then click the “Edit” button. The “Edit” button will only be visible if the order has not been submitted and the deadline has not passed. You may edit the order type, order date and time, delivery address (delivery orders), and the contact phone number for the organizer (delivery orders).

One of my attendees did not get the invitation?

Please have the attendee review their trash, spam and junk folders in their email. You may also resend invitations by going to "Group Order" and then "Manage Group Order", then click the "Resend" button. You can then resend to all the invitees or remove invitees you do not wish to resend the invite.

Can I (as the creator) add to my existing group order without the invitation?

Video Tutorial

Absolutely! Login to your account and click "Group Orders." Locate and click the Group Order name and click "Add items to this order under your name". You will then be redirected to the menu where you can add items accordingly. Be sure to click “Add to Group Order” to fully add your items to the Group Order. 

I've been invited to a Group Order. What do I do?

Video Tutorial

You'll receive an email with the unique link to your Group Order. Click on the link to go to the online ordering site. Select the item you wish to order and add it to your cart. When you're finished with your selection, click on the cart icon and select "Add to Group Order." If the order organizer is paying for the group, no other steps are necessary. If you're paying for your individual meal, you'll be prompted to enter payment information in order to complete your transaction.

Everyone is done ordering, how do I close the group order and send to the deli earlier?

Login to your account and click "Group Orders." Locate and click the Group Order name. Then click the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the screen. Follow through the entire checkout process until you have clicked “Place Order” and then see an “Order Status” screen including your order number.

Who earns Deli Dollars on a Group Order? (Single Payment Vs Multiple Payment)

For single pay Group Order, the creator of the order will earn the deli dollars for orders placed by the contacts.

For multi-pay Group Orders where all attendees are paying for themselves, each attendee will earn the deli dollars for their individual order.

Do my attendees have to be registered with Jason's Deli to use group ordering?

No. Attendees have the option to order as a guest.

Should I get a confirmation page on group orders?

There will only be a confirmation page for the organizer at the very end of the process, after fully submitting the entire Group Order. If you do not get a confirmation, continue with the process until one is displayed.
If you are not sure your item added to an existing Group Order, please contact the creator who can review their order.