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Jason’s Deli Will Not Carry Sprouts Until FDA Strengthens Food Safety Regulations

Posted on February 22nd, by Jason's Deli in Deli News, Highest Quality Food, Nutrition. No Comments

Jason’s Deli Pulled Sprouts Nationally in January 2012 to Protect Customers

You Asked, We Listened: No Artificial Colors or Dyes!

Posted on April 5th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News, Nutrition. 12 comments

You asked for it and we listened! Jason’s Deli has eliminated all artificial dyes and colors from our food. This was such an important issue for Jason’s Deli to stand behind.

Remove Artificial Dyes and Colorings? Vote now!

Posted on February 11th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News, Nutrition. 18 comments

Once again we are investigating something commonly found in a lot of restaurants and want to get your feedback before moving forward. So if you can, please take a minute and answer this one important question.

The FDA divides 40 approved food colors into two categories: nine synthetic dyes that are subject to FDA certification and 31 colorings that are not (the latter are derived from minerals, plants, or insects).  Do you think the nine synthetic dyes should be banned from ALL food products, from food products primarily aimed at children due to the studies showing a correlation with ADHD, other behavior problems, etc or do you think the FDA should do nothing?

Which name do you like best for this great deal?

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Posted on August 5th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News. 2 comments

Hello folks,

We just returned from our annual trip to California to visit our produce growers and look for new and exciting items at a produce show. It was truly an amazing experience to stand in those fields of lush green and see what all goes into bringing that one head of lettuce or one strawberry to market.

A lot of time is spent in greenhouses searching for the right combination of plants to produce the highest quality possible thru natural cross breeding. It can take up to 5 YEARS from the first development of a seed variety to roll out for planting outside of test fields. As you may know, the farms transition to various areas of the country depending on the season. So a seed variety that does well in Salinas, CA may not do well in Yuma, AZ due … Read More »

Jason’s and the battle against childhood obesity

The Centers for Disease Control is telling us that nearly one out of three children in the U.S. ages 2 to 19 is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. Unless we change this, we’re going to raise generations of really unhealthy kids. Kids and parents need to know more about the food they eat and how to eat healthier. As restaurant owners, we have a responsibility to do the right thing and help fight childhood obesity. We lowered the sodium, saturated fat and calories in our kid’s menu. We serve fresh, more natural, less fooled-around-with food.

And we have an announcement! We are going to invite restaurateurs, academics and public health officials to a national summit on childhood obesity next year. We’re scheduled to visit several cities in the next few weeks to talk it up. Stay tuned.


No Kidding

Posted on June 15th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News, Highest Quality Food, Kids, Leadership, Nutrition, Organic. 12 comments

Feeding kids is fun in our delis, but we’re serious about trying to feed them better. We know from experiences with our own kids that they have to really like how food tastes — otherwise, forget it!  And, kids like to pick. Our new kids’ menu has more tasty stuff and more choices like organic milk, little dippers and a new chicken wrap. We also did some good things that kids can’t taste, like cutting the menu’s sodium levels by 21%, saturated fat 20%, cholesterol by 17%, reduced total carbs 15% and calories by 10%.  It’s all free of nitrites, too, with no nasty artificial trans fats, no processed MSG and no high fructose corn syrup (except in some of the fountain drinks).

Jason’s took care of it so parents don’t have to worry.  We have plenty enough to worry about … Read More »

The Next Battle Front: Sodium

Posted on April 17th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News. 7 comments

You probably heard the news stories alerting all of us that reducing sodium is the next big challenge in the food world.  We, too, are concerned and have made a commitment to offering more healthy choices.  Considering the size of our menu, this is occurring in phases.

Last year in Phase I, we introduced Real Choices on the menu, sandwiches with smaller portion sizes and lower sodium.  By the way, they are loaded with organics!  We also offer 14 different fresh lettuces, veggies and fruit on our Famous Salad Bar – with lots of organics and virtually no sodium – top these with organic balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and you are set!  Yummy!

As of this spring (Phase II), we have lowered the sodium in our ham and smoked turkey.  We also replaced our spinach wrap bread with a … Read More »

Healthy Kids’ Menu Just Released

Posted on April 7th, by Jason's Deli in Deli News, Kids, Nutrition. 2 comments

Kids today are more sophisticated than ever. They want more control over what they eat and want to feel more grown up.

Parents today are weary of the same old fast food meals and want their kids to eat and enjoy better, healthier choices.

After extensive customer research, we introduced our new “Jason’s Just-Right Kid’s Menu” on April 6.  Kids 12 and under get to pick and choose sides and have multiple healthy options such as organic carrots, organic apples, and fresh fruit. Organic low fat regular and chocolate milk joined the drink choices which already included organic apple juice.

“Little Dippers” were added so tots can enjoy dippers like organic apple slices and celery sticks with organic peanut butter for just 99-cents. The new “Ranch Wrapper” features chicken breast strips (not fried), cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing in an organic wrap that’s … Read More »

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Posted on August 14th, by Jason's Deli in Education, Highest Quality Food, Nutrition. 401 comments

Everyone craves the tastiest, most deli-cious food that they can get; and, of course, a lot of people want healthy food, too. We can tell you that the purest food almost always tastes the best. Trust us, we have an R&D kitchen and we taste different versions of the same dish all the time. These are some of the reasons that got us to ban artificial trans-fats and MSG.

For more than a year, we have been looking into High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) for the same reasons. Today we are a few items away from victory. One obstacle is the soda fountain. Before we move further, we want your opinion.

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In Defense of Fat

Posted on April 11th, by Jason's Deli in Education, Highest Quality Food, Nutrition. 4 comments

We need to rethink our whole ideology around fat.

Now, before you shut us down, hear us out. We’re not into all fats. We definitely need to limit our intake of saturated fat. Mono-unsaturated and some poly-unsaturated fats are needed and, in moderation, beneficial.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association called the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial found no correlation between a low-fat diet and the reduction in coronary heart disease, breast, or colorectal cancer.

Here’s a link to the Harvard site that contains a review of the study: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/low_fat.html

Did you hear that? No correlation. Fat is not the problem folks. We’re finally starting to understand the French paradox. The French consume a lot of fat, yet are not suffering nearly the level of heart disease we have in this country.

Our problems with weight stem from … Read More »

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