High Fructose Corn Syrup

Posted on August 14th, by Jason's Deli in Education, Highest Quality Food, Nutrition. 401 comments

Everyone craves the tastiest, most deli-cious food that they can get; and, of course, a lot of people want healthy food, too. We can tell you that the purest food almost always tastes the best. Trust us, we have an R&D kitchen and we taste different versions of the same dish all the time. These are some of the reasons that got us to ban artificial trans-fats and MSG.

For more than a year, we have been looking into High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) for the same reasons. Today we are a few items away from victory. One obstacle is the soda fountain. Before we move further, we want your opinion.

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  • DougUp

    As someone that is allergic to HFCS, I think it’s great that you’re looking at this. I always drink diet sodas, which aren’t necessarily any better. But I love Hansen’s Sodas which are cane sugar based.

  • Joann

    I am so excited that you are considering this! My son is allergic to corn, which includes all corn products, so this is an issue near and dear to my heart.

    If there were cane sugar options, that would be fantastic! Go Jason’s Deli! It gives me such confidence in your restaurant!

  • Chris

    I was very disappointed today when I had lunch at the Jason’s in my town (Norman, OK) and I found that all of the drinks in the fountain were HFCS sodas. Hopefully they will get cane versions soon.

  • Pamela Shuford

    Hello, actually corn syrup, anything ending in “ose” is horrible for us anyway. I am actually “insulin resistant” and can’t have any of it. I usually end up drinking tea or water.

    If “cane sugar” (pure) breaks down slower in the body it may be a great option for your customers…..

  • Pamela Shuford

    I have a complaint / concern. I eat at Jason’s Deli about 3 times a week. I don’t like eating those plain, greasy potato chips. I would rather have your new, healthier, blue corn, organic chips. They always want to charge me extra to have the HEALTHIER chips with my sandwich (which comes with chips anyway). I wish there was something you could do about this…..you are promoting health, so allow customers to have the HEALTHY option on their chips without being penalized for it……


  • Gayle

    We live past Riverside, CA, but make a trip to Los Angeles every few years just to stock up on cane sugar soda at Galpin’s. Nothing beats the taste! I just discovered at my local grocer a brand that has several varieties of cane soda, so I picked some up. I think it would be great to have it as an option at my local deli!

  • Peggy

    This rocks! We are regulars at Jason’s & one of the reasons is because they keep getting more & more natural foods & preparation – it has been noticed.

  • Lilia

    Thank you for daring to be different!! I rarely eat out for this very reason. My son has problems with attention and focusing so I try to eliminate artificial ingredients from his diet. Now I can be confident in knowing we are eating healthy food that’s also delicious!!

  • Sherry Holt

    Glad to hear the news about HFCS. Unfortunately, I can’t have most of the things you have except salad, since I live a low-carb lifestyle. I would like to see you offer a choice of diet sodas instead of just offering the ones which contain aspartame. I know sucralose is not much better, but it would be nice to have a choice. Thx!

  • Sandra Hendricks

    Jasons Deli has become my MOST FAVORITE
    eating establishment since the reduction of “Souper Salad” restaurants. I didn’t know, at that time that Jason’s was a HEALTHY FOODS restaurant…or would have tried them several years ago….Healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and Jason’s Deli knows THAT! Food itself is TASTY when all the chemicals are taken away…but America has gotten used to the taste of CHEMICALS and calls it GOOD TASTING FOOD! Thanks for looking out for America’s Health!!! Anything you can do toward more healthy foods and drinks is a vote from ME! Thanks Jason’s Deli!!! Charlotte appreciates you!!

  • Suzanne G.

    I applaud Jason’s Deli for taking a stand and getting rid of some of the worst ingredients ever invented!! It is so nice take my kids out to eat at a restaurant where I don’t have to worry about the quality of the food! Jason’s rocks! I would like to see Jason’s work on eliminating artificial colors and preservatives from the food as well (just in case you haven’t already). Keep up the good work!

  • Shawn Treadaway

    After viewing your video on HFCS, I am now even more excited about going to Jason’s Deli. I think it is awesome that you have taken the initiative to remove all of that STUFF from your foods and are working on getting rid of the HFCS in your drinks! By seeing what you all are doing, I am now more inclined to eat at your restaurants and recommend you to family and friends! Thank you.

  • http://lowcarbnewengland.blogspot.com Alex


    I’m not a guy who advocates eating sugar, but I am of the same mind as you in that we need to get back to eating more natural wholesome foods. HFCS is the epitome of all things unnatural and I’m so glad to see you moving your company away from it.

    Hopefully we’ll get a Jason’s Deli in the Northeast sometime soon, but until then I’ll have to wait until I vacation next to try to get in.

    Thanks for leading what I hope is the beginning of an industry-wide change.

    Low Carb New England

  • Jeni

    Some of the changes are great. It’s nice to have more healthful alternatives. I do have one complaint about the blue corn tortilla chips – the taste and texture are awful. An alternative should be offered for the taco salads.

  • Terri

    I applaud “Jason’s Deli” on cutting the HFCS! I search the grocery stores for products without it on a daily basis.
    I remember the early days at “Gateway Shopping Center” in Beaumont, Texas–going to eat dinner at “Jason’s” after shopping for shoes was such a special treat! I’ve lived in many places over the years and can always feel like I’m home when I can find a “Jason’s Deli” and on special occassions order a muffalatta : – )
    I still remember Mr. Tortorice taking such good care of all the customers.

    Thank you for the good food and good service over the years.
    McKinney, TX

  • randolph

    this is great news. I am so happy to hear it as it so hard to find food or drinks without HFCS.

    You all need to open in FLorida so i can becmoe a regular customer.

    Thank you for keepinig your mission and challengin the other guys. Coke and Pepsi need to learn to change to sugar too!

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy Days

  • Kim

    May God bless Jason’s Deli and their commitment to being a healthy place to eat. I am trying to loose weight and have learned that one of the hardest things to get control of is the amount of sugar that I have found out is “hidden” in everything. Some call it “High Fructose Corn Syrup”, but it is still sugar and it still adds fat and calories. Thank you Jason’s for recognizing that and helping us eat healthier.

  • Tim

    I was diagnosed with fructose intolerance three years ago. With my own testing, I was able to determine that it’s actually HFCS that made me sick. You are to be commended for getting rid of it. Contrary to what the big manufacturers say, it’s not natural.


  • Paul D

    I love to dominate the free muffins!!!

  • Becky

    Now let’s remove all the horrid nitrates/nitrites from the deli meat.

  • Karen B.

    I’m so glad you’re thinking about this. I don’t eat anything with HFCS in it and I’m getting it out of my children’s diet too.
    Thank you,
    Karen B.

  • Denise

    I’ve never been to your deli, but after today’s Post article in the food section,I’ll be there soon! My father (a WWII vet btw) has been complaining to his kids for years that “Cokes don’t taste the way they used to when I was younger”…..well darn it, now I know why! And I’m appalled (maybe I shouldn’t be) at the audacity of the Corn Refiners Assn. ads — I guess they’re betting Americans are either too stupid or don’t care how bad HFCS is for their health. I try to shop organic as much as possible and it’s good to know you’re another place I can frequent. Thanks for your efforts.

  • leisa

    You ROCK, Jason’s Deli. It’s about time someone led the way! I hope others will follow your groundbreaking lead!!!

    Great job!

  • Jessi Kay

    i LOVE that jason’s deli has plain ole soda water in the fountain!!! grab a lemon or lime to squeeze in there… perfection! for those of you on a restricted diet, this is a tasty alternative! :)
    please don’t remove it if/when adding soda options! :0

  • Terry

    I would also like to see Jason’s Deli cut back on the sodium in their dishes. It’s just too salty for my taste buds and some of the dishes are equivalent to the recommended daily amount of sodium.

  • Chris

    For those of us with food sensitivities or who are just health conscious or have read any of Michael Pollan’s books, eating out can be a nightmare, so I appreciate your stance on HFCS. You can’t really be taken seriously in your battle, though, if you make an exception for soda. I’d like to see the diet soda gone, too, but that’s not your current mission. That might come later. You got my attention. I haven’t thought of eating at Jason’s because I can’t have bread, but I think I might make a point of coming by to have a salad in solidarity with you. Bring in some Blue Sky soda and some Dublin Dr. Pepper and some Mexican Coke and some Sweet Leaf Tea. Let people see what they’re missing.

  • Pkutniewski

    I agree with the whole need to get rid of the nasty sodas that have poisoned our bodies for so long. Corn syrup is terrible for us and yet it has permeated our food so completely that it is taken for granted. I applaud your convictions and your actions against corn syrup and hope that you make the last step and rid your stores of the drinks that still contain it. I love the argument the corn syrup industry makes for its products that CS is a natural ingredient. What a joke. Uranium in a natural product too…doesn’t mean you should eat it either. A wonderful addition to your drink lineup would be Virgil’s Root Beer (the BEST root beer ever, and I don’t even like root beer in general)! Another idea would be to add Hansen’s sodas. I believe most, if not all, of their sodas are CS free. Izze is a great company as well and have an incredible variety of flavors. The black cherry is fantastic. Knudsen’s also makes CS free sodas. Some don’t have the best taste in the world but the Mango Fandango is wonderfully refreshing and not too sweet. I think if you get some fruit flavored sodas and some really good Virgil’s root beer in your stores you will have a just as happy, if not happier, customer base as you have right now. In my town (Charlotte, NC) there is a huge natural living movement and a store like yours, that helps moms like me, serve healthy food to our children is so very much appreciated. I belong to a local mother’s group (over 3200 members!) and most of us love having a restaurant that makes our lives easier by eliminating things our kids should not have. We don’t have to say “no” all the time in your restaurant! So, thank you for being such a trailblazer in the industry. I hope everyone follows your lead.


    PULL THE COKE/PEPSI– There are alot of other things to drink– plus there sweet tea is good and is made with regular sugar!!

  • http://www.reflections1.com Robin Weinrich

    Thanks for your proactive concerns toward the public consumption of food–it is a rare treat to find someone who cares beyond the dollar signs of their business. Keep up the good work!

  • Erica

    I say this, if you are going to promote a healthy eatery, then dump the HFCS soda. and maybe your next step will be refined sugars.

  • Karissa

    Thank you for looking beyond profits and really caring about your customers needs and health, living in west texas it is hard to find vegetarian friendly fare but jason’s deli has delicious meatless options and eliminating hfcs from the menu would only make me love Jason’s deli even more!

  • Amy

    As someone recently diagnosed with Dietary Fructose Intolerance/Malabsorption, I am excited to find a restaurant where I can feel “safe” to eat most items! Thank You!

  • tami

    My family is trying to kick “hfc” out of our daily diet. Our local Jasons Deli here in Texas served Dublin Dr. Pepper (made with pure can sugar) for the longest time. They quit a couple of months ago -they said due to pricing. We would love to see other non high fructose sugar sodas served at Jasons but if there’s anyway to get the Dublin Dr.Pepper back, that would be great!! It is the best.

  • Marianne

    Thank you, Jason’s Deli! We are fans of JD anyway, but we’ll be frequenting your restaurant more often and spreading the word for you about this great step forward. How’s that for viral marketing???

    Thanks again!
    Let’s work together to end the epic of obesity in this country.

  • Janette

    I am SOOO happy that Jason’s Deli is making this move to eliminate these ingredients from the menu! My family has been eating organic for the past year and we have very limited options on where we can eat out. I will be more encouraged now to eat at Jason’s. Please continue to eliminate ALL the added artificial ingredients such as the nitrites/nitrates and dyes.

  • Joyce Brooks

    Congrats! getting rid of the hfcs is the greatest thing ever! Thank you. None one should have hfcs ever! It’s horrible, and people need to be aware and concern about this when dining out or ordering.

    Thank you Jason’s Deli!

  • Katie

    Thank you so much!!!!! I am allergic to corn and can not have any product with HFCS. I also am allergic to dairy. When I found out you had elminated HFCS I asked the manager if any of your breads were dairy free. He called the bakery for me and found I could have your wheat and rye breads. I had the first sandwich I have had at a restaurant in years – awesome.

    They also had Dr. Pepper w/cane sugar for a couple of weeks a few months ago. I had my first Dr. Pepper in years, and hope you will bring it back soon. My friends from Europe have commented that the soda here tastes like corn. When we lived in WA state, people would line up at the Mexican market to get cane sugar Coke when it was shipped in once a week because it tastes so much better. I hope you will switch all, or at least some of your fountain drinks to cane sugar. Not only is it healthier, but it really does taste better. Like the sodas at the old fashioned drug store soda fountain way back when.

    Thanks again!


  • alexis jordan

    I am very happy to know you have REAL food. We do want soda with HFCS, we only want real soda with real sugar, i always have no choice in drinking soda since coke and pepsi is everywhere, so please get rid of the not real drinks and bring in only REAL food and DRINK ONLY. Thank you for doing this and keep going.

  • Karen

    I love the idea of all cane sugar soft drinks, but I am concerned that most (like 90%+) of the sugars in this nation are not actually from cane, but rather from GMO sugar beets. That’s right – virtually ALL of the sugar that you get in the grocery store is from sugar beets with monsanto frankenfood roundup-ready sugar beet seeds. The only guarantee that you have with sugar is organic. Organic still cannot be made from GMO sources.

  • Karen

    My dad is allergic to corn and for years has had to drink diet sodas and be careful of what to order in restaurants. I think this is great. The menu is already awesome. On a personal note, Dublin Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda, and it is made with pure cane sugar. I’d certainly visit more often than I do if that was added to the menu.

  • Scott

    Right now I can get Mexican Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite with cane sugar at the local Carnival or Fiesta grocery store in Fort Worth. Surely Jason’s Deli can find a distributor for the same syrup but for soda fountain use.

  • Kathy B

    Woohooo for Jason’s Deli!

    So refreshing to see a company doing away with HFCS! I loved Jason’s before, but I love you even more now! I am so happy to see this positive change after those crazy ads on tv trying to lure people into thinking ‘a little bit won’t hurt’, and insulting our intelligence in the process. Thank you, Jason’s!!!!

  • http://N/A Bonnie D

    Recently I found out that I am allergic to corn and had to switch to Diet Pepsi/sodas. I truly miss the non-diet version, but would still like to have a “healthier” version of Pepsi to drink. I am not convinced that the diet versions of sodas contain ingredients we should be ingesting.

    Please do whatever you can to have HFCS replaced with sugar.

    Thank you for being there for us!

  • Jenny

    Dr. Pepper has a plant in Texas that makes soda with cane sugar, and it’s delicious!

    People make special stops to get it, and bring cases home for their friends, a trend that started BEFORE the general population figured out that HFCS is bad for you.

  • Laurie

    I am so excited about your removal of HFCS. I am allergic to HFCS and have such a hard time eating at restaurants.
    As far as soft drinks go, enjoy Jones soda, which has many different flavors to choose from.

  • Amie Guerra

    YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for caring enough about your customers that you provide REAL food without HFCS & MSG!

  • Paula

    I support offering alternatives to sodas with HFCS. I also think Jason’s Deli should be supportive of beverages with natural low-calorie sweeters when they become available. (Get rid of aspartame!) Support efforts to bring Stevia, a natural low-calorie sweetner, to the U.S.

  • Jan Wolff

    We traveled to Canada this summer and were pleased to see that they do not allow any food products containing HFCS. The Coke tasted just as we remembered from childhood-made with sugar. If companies can do it for other countries, they can do it for the US if people will only stand up and demand it.

    Now! On to getting rid of the GMO foods! GMO sugar will not be an improvement.

  • Neil

    Hooray. I am a pure cane sugar soda enthusiast. Congrats on at least giving it a thought. I realize that most people don’t care, so you might continue to offer sodas with HFCS, but I am glad that some of your sodas don’t. I always get the pure cane sugar cream soda. Yum!

  • Christina

    I think it is great you are offering this alternative however please keep in mind that some people do enjoy plain old Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, or whatever they drink. Offer both this way those who need the cane sugar for medical or health reasons can drink it and those who want the bad stuff can have it as well. Unless you can get the supply of these drinks (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) from the factories that do use cane sugar! I am a tea drinker myself but have a few friends who would avoid going to a place that didn’t serve Classic Coke or Dr. Pepper. (Just like some people avoid Taco Bell because you can only get Pepsi) Sometimes it is just a brand thing!

  • Erik

    The most recent scientific studies show that HFCS is no more or less nutritious than cane sugar. Unless someone is allergic to corn. Think about it, one comes from corn stalks, one comes from sugar cane stalks.

  • Clint

    The more artificial ingredients you remove from all items on the menu, the more customers you will gain. Many more people have educated themselves on the cost-saving shelf life lengthening ingredients that exist in so many food products.

  • Kent

    OK, I’m all for giving people what they want or need, so I think it’s great to offer people who can’t or don’t want to consume high fructose corn syrup alternatives they can enjoy. But for myself, I don’t really care one bit except………PLEASE!!!!!!!! DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY COCA-COLA PRODUCTS!!!!!!
    If you do, I’ll be VERY BITTER……..and not because I’m not getting enough sugar. LOL.

  • Tina

    Now that I know that Jason’s Deli doesn’t use the additives, like trans-fats, msg and HFCS, I will definitely be going to Jason’s more often and recommending it to others more often, as well. Thanks Jason’s Deli!

  • JackieIrish

    Thanks for taking the lead on this, guys. You’ve proven time and time again that the tastiest food is also the healthiest food!

  • Candy

    As a employee of Jason’s Deli in San Antonio I am also a Guest. I am very concerned with the food and beverages In 4 months time I have dropped 4 sizes just by delivering for the deli and eating healthy. I am all for any healthy menu changes. :)

  • Patrick

    I’m not against the idea of reducing/eliminating HFCS from the fountains, but what does that leave us with? There is still no soft drink that tastes as good as Coca Cola to me. For example, I’ve tried Jones Bros. Cola flavor made with cane sugar, and it absolutely sucks. A store brand taste is NOT improved by using cane sugar (Jones Bros. cola tastes like Chek, for those of you who know what that is).

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Matthew

    I have migranes, and I love Jasons Deli,but aspartame,(a.k.a. fake sugar) gives me bad headaches. could you please consider replacing you diet sodas with something with splenda or something.

  • Richard Onysko

    I recently visited a jason’s deli and ordered a ‘bello ciabatta. My complaint is that the sandwich is mostly bread with just a thin filling layer. It’s not even practical as a sandwich because if you try to squeeze the four inches of bread down enough to take a bite, what filling IS there squeezes out. A sandwich should only have enough bread to separate your fingers from the actual food, no more. I AM pleased, though, with the move to eliminate HFCS. I buy organic, read labels, and never purchase anything with foreign substance type ingredients, i.e. HFCS, anything hydrogenated, MSG, nitrites, etc.

  • heather

    We use Jason’s for all our office catering needs. My group does not care about organic or transfats or any of that, they just know delicious food when they taste it. I do, however, care about healthful food and I am the one that does the ordering! So keep at it Jason’s, and you will have our business for years to come.

  • heather

    Elevated monocrop corn production is bad for the environment as well. So good job to Jason’s for trying to eliminate it in their restaurants. Not sure how much better increased sugarcane production would be. I, myself, am a big fan of the flavored waters and juices. Watermelon Fresca is very refreshing- although, I’m not sure any of this can be dispensed in a soda fountain.

  • Jeff Talbert

    I see a new Jasons Deli being built down the street from my office. After finding the website and seeing what its about, i cant wait for it to open.

    I also am against HFCS. We have a 3 year old daughter and we give her a VERY LIMITED exposure to HFCS. Its very hard to keep it completely away from her, but I would say less than 10% of the food/drink we give her have it. Which is good for her, and good for us since we now limit our intake.

    I love soda, drink diet all the time. Use to love Coca Cola, but ever since HFCS it didnt same to taste the same. I went to England earlier this year where HFCS is not allowed and I had a Coca Cola there and my god the difference was incredible. I am not sure which soda supplier you use since I have not been into a Deli yet, but Thank you, Russ, your video on the site inspires me to visit. I may have to find your other store which is actually closer to my house and try to talk my wife into trying it tonight ;-)

  • http://www.chromejob.com/david David S.

    I’ve been drinking sodas with various cane juice derivatives for a few years, and now when I taste a mainstream HFCS beverage, I want to spit it out. Awful tasting. I’m glad you’re going to offer a choice. I find that at most places, like Jasons, I have three choices … diet lemonade, unsweetened tea, or water. Bleagh. Thank you for thinking ahead of the curve.

  • Robyn

    What about lowering overall sugar content in soda? If you replace HFCS with cane sugar, but still have the same total number of grams of sugar, have you really helped that much? Diet soda doesn’taste as good and artificial sweeteners may have their own side effects. I am looking forward to someone making low sugar sodas. :)

  • Jessica

    I have been recommending your restaurant to everyone due to your huge strides to eliminate all the junk from your food. Please keep up the great work by eliminating the HFCS from your sodas and I’ll continue to sing your praises to everyone I know! Thanks for caring!

  • Ava

    Jason’s, you and your food are awesome! Whenever I go, I can always count on healthy, tasty food and superior service from your restaurants.

    Great move to eliminate the HFCS. I am a Coca Cola addict but I am trying to stop. This will be a big help to all of those who are trying to drink healthier.

  • Fred

    I am a big believer in Alternative Medicine
    and eating as healthy as possible, so, I
    commend you for your concern for our health.
    I’d like to see the elimination of as much
    sugar as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Matt

    Jason’s Deli just claimed first choice on our restaurant list with the dropping of HFCS. Smart move on your part, both nutritionally and from a marketing POV.

  • Alex

    I am all for HFCS free soda. My son is allergic to HFCS. He gets really bad hives. His allergist said that more and more people are becoming allergic to it for some reason. PLEASE GET HFCS FREE SODA!

  • Tony

    I think corn syrup and it’s high fructose evil twin is horrible stuff. Great work J.D.!

  • Jim Jackson

    Shakespeare already covered this subject when he wrote “Much Ado about Nothing.”

  • Diner

    I probably shouldn’t have voted, because over the years I switched from regular to diet soda, and then 2 yrs. ago, stopped drinking soda altogether. I always enjoy the unsweet tea when dining with you.

  • Jenny

    I would like to see all cheese and milk products organic or at least without the growth hormone and antibiotics. More organic products all together would be great! Also the meats without the growth hormone and antibiotics. Some of those may be hard like salami but the less of them you carry the better. I would eat at Jason’s 75% more then I do now if it carried these types of items.

    As for the HFCS… eliminating is great! More organic sodas would be good and yes please eliminate anything with aspartame. Before I found out the dangers of aspartame I was a diet soda drinker (thanks to aspartames addictive qualities) and had horrible migraines and would go half blind for hours at a time. It was the aspartame and once I stopped having it, I got better. Please do not allow this product in your restaurants! Please research the dangers of aspartame AND Splenda as well.

  • Judi Williams

    Jason’s Deli is my favorite place to eat! We drive about 30 miles one way to get there though and CAN NOT wait till Jason’s opens a store in Cleveland, Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE DON’T FORGET US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VERY Sincerely,
    Judi Williams

  • Joe the Plumber

    High Fructose Corn Syrup….Please please please, get a grip on life. CORN, its is 100% natural, DUH! You will still end up with SUGAR in your soft drink. Sugar Free sweeteners are about 1000 times more of a real health problem than real sugar or corn syrup. Don’t get stuck on stupid with pop culture science. Moderation would do more good than all this kook scare stuff about corn syrup. About 3 sodas per week is all anyone should really tolerate, 5 at the max. Great food, keep it up.

  • Philip

    I love drinking Coca-Cola. My preference is Mexican Coke, which is made with sugar, not HFCS. It tastes much better and is healthier. Maybe Jason’s could find a way to import the Mexican cokes and make them available on the menu. Plenty of stores here in Houston sell Mexican Cokes, so it should be doable.

  • mike

    I drink only diet anyhow so HFCS or cane is an irrelevant argument. I appreciate Jasons Deli is concerned about this issue, however. What about Trans Fats?

  • chris

    I pick products that don’t have hfcs like your sweet tea. Thank you for doing this. I have always felt there was a connection with hfcs and bad health.

  • http://www.jasonsdeli.com/blog/2008/08/14/high-fructose-corn-syrup/ Rob Howard

    If you are in almost any other country, you buy a Pepsi or Coke, they are made w/ cane sugar not corn syrup. Its the law there.

    So why not here?

  • laura

    I would eat there so much more if you offered cane sugar sodas or even flavored waters with no sucralose, nutrasweet etc. I dont want HFCS or fake sweeteners. Izze Esque is great as are just flavored carboanted waters in blackberry etc. Even if it costs me more.

  • DKemp

    I think it’s a great idea to get rid of artificial additives in your food and voted to move to cane sugar based sodas. However, this issue would not make me more or less likely to recommend Jason’s Deli to a friend. Your menu items are creative and that’s enough. I hardly drink sodas anyway, and don’t care much for carbonated drinks.

  • Jalaine

    I eat at Jason’s because they have healthy meals. I will not drink any liquid with calories. If you substitute all of your sodas with cane sugar or the “natural sodas” that are here at the test store in Austin, I can tell you that I will have to find another deli for my healthy dining options. It makes me sad to have to leave Jason’s Deli behind because I love their food, but turns out I love Diet Coke more. Please don’t alienate your Diet Coke drinkers. Giving us 12oz cans in the fridge is no solution either.

  • Oh’Barf

    When I clicked play on that video, I was dreading what I might possibly see — more of this “HFCS are completely okay for you” junk, perhaps. Seeing the response was thrilling! Thumbs up!

  • Byron

    I miss the “Dublin” Dr Pepper that you had for awhile. Regardless of any health issues, sugar just tastes better than corn sweetener. The aftertaste is not as sour.

  • Jennifer

    I try to stay away from anything that has HFCS. I have gladly paid more for HFCS-free soft drinks in the past. When no choice is given, I opt for water.

  • Cori Pearson

    I commend your company for pursuing this. We made a focused effort to cut out HFCS from our family diet in 9/2008 (in additon to preservatives, artificial colors and artifical flavors) and have seen an outstanding improvement in our son’s behavior at school as a result.

    I would specifically go to a restaurant that eliminated HFCS from their drinks as right now it is a challenge to go out to dinner as a family. THANKS!!!!!!

  • heather

    I think it would be a mistake to pull all of the regular soda. I appreciate that there are people who can’t/don’t want to eat or drink anything with hfcs in it, but there are some that do and I am one of those people. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Having an occasional coke with hfcs in it is not bad for you and I would be VERY disappointed if I could not have my coke with my $10.00 meal. Provide the alternative, but keep the usual for those of us who prefer and want that when we do go out to eat. Having it every once in a while isn’t gonna hurt you (unless you have an intolerance or something).

  • http://LaunchpadGreen.com LaunchpadGreen.com

    We live in Spartanburg, SC and Jason’s Deli is our family’s favorite place to go to eat (and pretty much the only place we eat out anymore!). We are thrilled with the responsible way that the company conducts itself to the benefit of its customers and that is why we go there so often! At home we have cut out HFCS, trans fats, hydrogenated oils & MSG from our diets so real food is obviously important to us but so is affordable food – Jason’s manages to do both (it can be done!)

    I recently featured Jason’s Deli on my blog due to their stand against HFCS. If you’re interested, check us out at LaunchpadGreen.com

    Keep up the great work, JD!

  • Danny

    I’m so tired of companies changing everything to please the health nuts. Some of us love fattening greasy food and sugary sodas. This all started with the smoking bans and now its turning into good food bans.

  • Melissa

    THANK YOU JASON’S DELI! As a person with Hypoglycemia eliminating sugars and grain by-products from my diet has helped me better control my blood glucose levels. I try my best to avoid products in the stores with HFCS and having an option to do this while eating out really pleases me. HFCS is not permitted in all countries, in Mexico they serve “Coke Light” which tastes so much better and is made with cane sugar instead.

    I agree with removing the nitrates from meats as well.

  • Frank Marrs

    cane sugar is not much better than HFCS they both are poison to our bodies. The best sweatner out there is probably stevia (an herb)but the FDA won’t even let it be called a sweetener by food companies look it up on the internet.


  • Laila

    Replacing the corn syrup with real sugar would be awesome. Not only is it healthier, but it tastes better too–a good example is when Dr. Pepper had a limited release of their drinks with sugar instead of corn syrup; it was so much better.

  • Annette

    HURRAH!! Jasons Deli (whether they know it) is helping the fight against diabeties!

    HFCS and Artificial sweetner are the number one causes diabeties next only to hereditary.

    hfcs cant be burned or processed by the body so it keeps sugar levels high until your body releases it, and artificial sweetners cause Insulin to be dumped into the body to take care of the sugar “it thinks its getting” which causes insulian resistance.

    We have been eating with you for years because you have always had quailty food and good staff.


  • B

    THANK YOU you all are awesome!!

    Wisdon to ponder – You can “tap” a Maple tree in the winter and get Maple suryp but you can not “tap” a corn stalk and get corn suryp!

    U must “process” corn to get suryp…and like ther other person said its keeps blood sugar artifically high for HOURS because CS and your body act like OIL & WATER, it will not be absorbed and u have to tinkle it out.

  • Anon

    The Jason’s Deli near me server Dublin Dr. Pepper for a while last year. Me and my friends used to eat there a lot and we would all get a drink to get it. It tastes so much better than regular Dr. Pepper. We just drink water or something else with our meal now. We would be willing to pay more to get Dublin Dr. Pepper or real Coke in the machines.

  • http://prostarindustries.com Dory Howell

    Travel the world and you realize how unhealthy Americans really are. If it’s not natural it’s not meant for our body, sucralose, aspartame, HFCS, are all silent killers. I applaud your convictions and support your efforts!

  • Tracy and Sarah Joy Eichman

    Yeah! We ar glad you are making a difference. We all just seem to buy things and not really realize that are putting bad things in us! You are doing a great job and we wish more resutants would follow.
    By the way SODA IS BAD for you no matter what is in it. The “bubbles” take the calcum out of your bones. Children should not drink ANY KIND of soda no matter what!

  • http://www.ecomstation.com/ Tom Nadeau`

    Dump the high fructose corn syrup, please. I’m allergic to it. Corn syrup and corn oil give me a nasty rash in an unmentionable place.

  • Galen Edgewood

    Went to Jason’s Deli today on a whim (sorry to say that I’ve not been in quite a while) and to my surprise I found Dublin Dr Pepper as a fountain drink. I must say, y’all made my day when with that. With all seriousness, I will frequent Jason’s Deli simply because of this. I’m a huge fan of this particular Dr Pepper as well as a huge fan of getting rid of HFCS. This is a wonderful thing to move towards and I hope that others will follow your lead.

  • Ebony Nichole

    Jason’s Deli is THE BUSINESS!! Thank you so much for even taking into consideration the health issues caused by these food additives! First you have organic foods & drinks, then you have no MSG, and now you want to take away HFCS – you guys are freakin’ awesome!!

    My suggestion is that in conjuction with offering pure cane sweetened drinks, you do offer the new Sprite sweetened with TruVia (Stevia) when it hits the market.

    Also coke (& Pepsi for that matter) have colas
    sweetened with Splenda (instead of that awful aspartame!).

    You guys are definitely a cut above the rest!!
    Thank you for your commitment to pure food and great health!

  • Ebony Nichole

    In reference to post #82:

    Isn’t it amazing how folks, who are forced to drink water, herbal tea, or unsweetened tea (or juice, milk, coffee) because they can’t/don’t drink artificially sweetened drinks or drinks with HFCS, STILL patronize Jason’s because of their many other FOOD choices? Yet someone
    is threatening to cease being a patron because
    there may not be a non-calorie drink?

    Wow, I guess it really does take all kinds.

  • http://www.hanksbeverages.net/about.php;http://www.dublindrpepper.com Leanne Lynam

    I think it is wonderful you are considering omitting HFCS from your sodas or at least have some appropriate choices, thanks for thinking about it. I would like to suggest two options.

    Dr. Pepper has a Cane Sugar option that can be shipped out of Waco, TX and Hank’s Premium sodas from Philidelphia are also HFCS free and amazing to drink, especially the Wishnak Black Cherry Soda. I would happily purchase either or both of these options.

  • Sam

    Let me tell you one thing that I really appreciate about the fountain at my local Jason’s Deli…It has a soda water button on the tap. Soda water, a slice of lime, and ice is perfect. That fact alone drives me to Jason’s Deli.

    If you could manage to work out a harmonious pact with Dublin Dr. Pepper (Dublin, TX) to put that on the taps (it’s made with real sugar) in stores nationally, that would be awesome. I realize that could be problematic with regional bottlers, but it’s an example of a product in production and ready to go, and I’ve seen “Dublin Dr. Pepper” labels on fountain taps outside of Texas before, so it must be possible.

  • Eileene

    Kudos on getting rid of HFCS… I wish more restaurants would pay attention to what’s in the foods they serve!

    My family & I eat at Jason’s Deli in Katy, TX a lot, and my company uses it for catering. How’s that for appreciation?!

  • alex alexander

    I frequent a local vegan all organic resturant because they have sugar cane sodas which I have found I like much more than the killer sodas we have nowadays served everywhere.

  • Greg

    I think it’s fantastic that you are removing HFCS from your soft drinks, but what about your ice cream… is it gone from there?? Or how about the chocolate syrup that we drizzle over our ice cream after enjoying a healthy salad and sandwich. Are you using chocolate syrup made only with granulated sugar? We’d like to be assured that you are removing ALL corn syrup from your products.

    Regardless, thanks for the effort so far. Kudos to Jason’s.

  • Allen Anderson

    I wonder how many people noticed the difference between “classic” Coke and true Coke after the planned debacle back in the mid-80s known as New Coke. The taste difference between the Coke made prior to New Coke and “classic” Coke are miles apart; that is because the former used cane and/or beet sugar as the sweetener while the latter uses HFCS.

    I worked for Coca-Cola in Atlanta for ten years and during that time, I remember several independent bottlers suing TCCC, Inc. for continuing to charge the same amount for “classic” Coke syrup as they had for the syrup prior to New Coke despite the much-lower cost for HFCS as opposed to sugar from canes or beets.

    We can all thank our federal government for the changeover from beet and cane sugar to HFCS through their farm price support being paid to sugar producers AND for protectionist import tariffs keeping foreign sugar from our soil. Earlier this decade, the combination of these two cost the American consumer roughly $1.4 billion in hidden taxes. Prior to 1999, U.S. sugar prices were roughly double that of other countries; in 1999, a drop in world sugar price resulted in U.S. sugar prices being roughly four times as much as that purchased on the world market. Is it no wonder soda companies prefer to use HFCS rather than sugar as their sweetener?

    Who are the real beneficiaries of the artificially high prices of U.S. sugar. Naturally, one of the first is the sugar producer. In 2003, farmers of cotton, corn and wheat were being paid $33, $27 and $16 per acre, respectively, in price supports (and these figures were dropping from previous support prices); on the other hand, sugar producers saw their support level rise by some 31% to $618 per acre. The other beneficiaries of these price supports are the two main producers of HFCS: Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Cargill.

  • Kathy Kama

    Great job-thanks. Many people are not feeling or looking really well and have no idea it is related to what they are eating. Those who are informed, other countries, will now allow corn syrup, especially HFCS–google it to see how it is produced and you will never consume it again. I even take it further than you. After I looked up organic foods and found out what Monsanto and Dole are doing to seeds (GMO’s)–from which foods are grown–Hey if bugs will not eat the plant why should I consume the GMO foods. Bugs are smarter than some humans! I then took it further and always try to eat poultry and beef that is free range. Cattle naturally eat grass, not genetically modified corn, soy, etc. Poultry and eggs of, fed anything except what they get from a free range diet is also causing big time health problems for people. What a little education will do for you. I now do not eat anything that has been genetically altered-wheat,corn,soy,potatoes, etc. or farmed fish or fish caught within 200 miles from the coastal contaminated waters. I feel so much better now and noticed the difference within 24 hours of changing my diet. If a patron is uninformed and wants to eat or drink unnatural foods they can buy your natural foods and bring in their unhealthy stuff to eat. Free choice still to those who want to eat less expensive garbage foods. I would rather pay more for great natural foods now and save on health insurance and co pays for the doctors.
    Can you change the bread choices so those of us who are informed have a choice of not eating refined, enriched breads, rices, etc. The flours are 90% more glutenous than they were 100 years ago from genetically altering them–people have not changed but the food we eat now is causing all the problems! Humans are the only mammals on the planet who drink milk products after weaning, thus 80% of all people have some degree of lactose intolerance and do not realize it. Great job- keep informing people and serving only natural unprocessed foods, please.

  • D. Watts

    I drink water, but I’m all for dumping the HFCS. I’m thrilled you eliminated MSG because I don’t have to worry about getting a migraine before I get half way through my meal. I’d be even happier if you served non-GMO potatoes, even if I had to pay a little more for them.

    I appreciate the healthy food you make available in our small town where obesity is a big problem. Look in on the regulars at Jason’s Deli, however, and you will find the thinnest and healthiest people in town.

  • sara Anderson

    Folks, lets get real. The pure cane sugar is so much healthier for you than all that high fructose fake sugar. i would rather know that my family is drinking the real stuff. good for jason deli, to look out for our health.

  • Michele L

    For those inquiring about healthier chip options…I work at Jason’s as a delivery driver. I think you are correct that the blue corn chips are a little more expensive. However, we do have Baked Lay’s chips available. They do not cost extra. You just have to ask for them.

  • Ashly Darnell

    As a mom that serves as much organic food as I can to my family, I’m so excited to have my neighborhood Jason’s Deli as a healthy option. Kuddos to you and know that we’ll be coming back again and again for the wholesome goodness!

  • Kimmy

    Since Jason’s is based here in Texas, I think it would be mighty Texan of them to carry Dublin Dr. Pepper to kick off their no HFCS efforts. But remember kids, no HFCS means higher prices for sodas. That’s the only reason they started using it other sugar anyway, so be careful what you wish for.

  • wanda goodman

    Serve what you want – it’s your business. But….I resent Jason’s Deli deciding that they should make the food/beverage choices FOR ME before I even step up to the soda machine. If all these people don’t like HFCS sodas, then they won’t choose them, then Jason’s Deli should drop them for low sales. I personally think people talk alot about healthy eating, but in the real world they choose a Coca-cola, regardless of what they THINK they will do when they are self-righteously writing in a blog. Let me make my own food decisions.

  • Gary D

    I would vote for adding Dublin Dr Pepper to your fountain soda which has Royal Cane Sugar. Pepsi is also coming out with a cane sugar version called Pepsi Throwback.

  • Tie

    I feel comfortable eating at Jason’s. I love the fact that you guys care that much about your customers and their health. It would be great to have a place where you totally feel free about eating and drinking everything that they sell.

  • Annie Morgan

    My family is doing away with all high fructose corn syrup drinks and found a delicious replacement called Steaz Sparkling. We found it at Whole Foods and my kids love it and it is made with organic cane sugar. Since we are avid Jason’s Deli fans (Atlanta-Buckhead location), it would be great to be able to get our Steaz while eating at Jason’s.

  • http://. C.Gentner

    to Kim: HFCS is NOT sugar. It is an artifically created sugar substitute. You will find it in most everything today. The fact that it is “derived from corn” makes no difference as to effect of its being derived from anything natural; Essentially, anything could be used as raw material for HFCS as long as it can be chemically broken down into a high-starch compound. Genetically modified corn is used (known as “#2″ among growers) because it is cheap and grows in abundance, and is therefore highly economically viable). Here is a short list of things HFCS can be found in:

    honey (if it doesn’t say “organic,” it has it)
    jams and jellies
    soft drinks (domestic AND imported, check the labels!)
    Campbell’s soups
    Chef Boyardee kid’s foods (ravioli, beefaroni, etc)
    bread (yes, bread!!! Again, check the label. Also: If it says “honey,” it has HFCS, because the honey used has it)

    HFCS, invented in 1973, has been present in practically every American-made soft drink, the first being Coca-Cola in 1985. Are you old enough to remember New Coke? I am – that’s when they made the switch. As someone who is old enough to remember the taste of Coke from before 1986, to anyone interested in what Coke (specifically) used to be like, I’d recommend shop your local grocer in their ‘ethnic foods’ section and see if you can find Mexican Coke, that is, Coca-cola bottled in Mexico, as it will most likely contain actual sugar. The reason behind this is due to the way Coca-Cola conducts the process of bottling and franchising, and should not be assumed for any other brands – Coca-Cola manufactures their syrup, which is then shipped out as-is to bottling companies; the bottling companies add sweeting agents as they see fit. So far, south of the border, it still makes sense to use regular sugar. All of this info is online and readily available, and I recommend anyone interested to do their own research – use multiple sources, and if you want, review what the Corn Growers Industry has to say about it as well (and you’ll get the impression of a hastily-organized propaganda campaign). Finally, I want to say I applaud Jason’s Deli for this decision; if more restaurants and fast-food eating establishments would follow suit, we would be a healthier nation for it. HFCS is killing us, and nobody’s going to step up to educate us about it but ourselves.
    Thank you.

  • Kathi from Albuquerque

    I’m all for getting rid of processed foods and any additives. My vote is to get rid of high-fructose syrup in sodas and all breads also. While you’re at it, please get rid of enriched flour and only use unbleached flour in the breads. This goes for lunch meats too, use natural meats. Roast beef, corned beef and turkey breast could be cooked in the shop and sliced up fresh daily to reduce the salt content.

  • Todd

    I would buy soda if you had Jones soda cola or root beer. My wife likes their grape. Otherwise we’ll stick to water.


  • Kellynkaty

    For years, I have been telling anyone who would listen that the fattening of America started with the introduction of HFCS into most of the food and all of the drinks we consume .
    It’s time for American’s to reclaim our food . Thank you Jason’s for caring .
    I think we can eat healthy and eat happy without sacrificing taste and quality .

  • Lisa

    I think it is time that all Americans become more aware of what we eat and drink. As a society, we are more unhealthy and obese than ever. You are what you eat, so we need to pay attention. I started eating Jason’s Deli more than 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Now I often take both of my kids there (especially after soccer practice) because I feel good when a restaurant cares about ingedients and is in line with my beliefs on health.

    I support cane sugar drinks. Generally my children go for the milks and juices, but my daughter is starting to occasionally ask for soda (because her friends drink it). I tell her no at restaurants, but I buy cane sugar soda occasionally for the house just so she doesn’t feel deprived. I would let them choose soda at a restaurant if it was sweetened with cane sugar. It would save me from having to buy some at home!!

    I think that if you make the change, you should post information about why HFCS is not healthy and educate those people who would miss their brand sodas. It is about time people start getting more educated about food. You could even still carry some brand sodas in cans. Some might not like it, but I think they’d get over it. Besides, your food is good enough to still bring people in the door. :)

  • Bob from Plano, TX

    I’m a Dr. Pepper person and appreciated it when you had REAL DP, with Imperial pure cane sugar, at the Plano Parker Rd store. Then, it was gone. OK, it was a trial, but if you want to have sodas with real sugar, then you’ll have to convince the manufacturer to go back to the old ways of making soft drinks, well….good luck. It’s a matter of economy, not the public’s best interest. Keep up the fight, just find me another Dr. Pepper. BTW: Mr. Pibb doesn’t cut it!

  • Shawn J

    Great to hear that there are still places outside the home where we can eat healthy as I travel extensively. I voted to leave some HFCS drinks while adding more cane sugar products. I think it just makes business sense as there are die hard fans of this or that soda that will choose to go elsewhere if they can’t get their fix. Better to offer than a “healthier overall” choice that includes a HFCS beverage versus what’s typically offered in a fast food meal. I worry more about the artificial sweeteners than HFCS but will try the cane sugar products.

  • Tawnya

    While I dearly love the food and wonderful healthy options at Jason’s… the one thing I will not give up is my sodas. I have tried the new cane soda versions of several mainstream sodas (throwback, retro etc) And I have found I just do not like them. If y’all make this change I will be really sad because it will drasticly cut down the amount of visits my family and I make there.

  • http://www.organicconsumers.org/ Kathleen McGrath

    Jason’s Deli MUST continue to support the fight against genetically modified food.

    The majority of the US public has no idea that High Fructose Corn Syrup is derived from GM Corn.

    If Jason’s Deli ever chose to include GM Corn, or any other genetically modified foods, I would NEVER eat there again (which would be greatly disappointing because I love Jason’s Deli!)

    Keep up the good work of selecting natural, safe alternatives to genetically altered food!

  • Andy

    Anyone concerned with health isn’t drinking soda anyhow. I would look at more non-soda options (flavored teas, juices, etc) before adding more sugary junk.

    You never get a dime out of me for beverages because I just drink water.

  • Richard

    The bigger issue for me is salt. Please include more low/no salt options. I am sick of salad. Coke (not pepsi) is a treat for me and I want the option when I eat out.

  • patrick

    give me a break, since when was water, flavor, CO2 and cane sugar in a bottle natural – get over yourselves – i have an idea, dont drink it but dont push this moral high ground on the rest of us that dont buy into your blow hard comments —

    u want organic, go back 200 years — for the rest of us, technology and chemistry actually works…

  • Bob R.

    HFCS has been shown to be a primary cause of obesity. Other illnesses may also be linked to this junk.

  • creese

    I recommend not drinking soda at all. No fast food, no sodium nitrite, no quickie mart candy bars, no chips, no energy drinks and burn all the mcdonalds to the ground thank you very much. we are slowly being killed off by the junk people pass off as food

  • Panda

    This is definitely a commendable cause. Yet, as one of those vegan health nuts myself, I urge you all to not just look at the high fructose corn syrup in your sodas. Look at the ingredients in all of your foods. You may be hard-pressed to find a loaf of bread without high fructose corn syrup in it.

  • Sam

    Bring back the Dr Pepper cane sugar version!!!

  • Joy Clarendon

    HFCS, Take it out of everything! I am allergic to corn; it gives me migraines. I am sure there are others allergic to corn and do not even know it.

  • Cathryn

    I would like to add that I am thankful that you carry Boylan’s brand Diet sodas in the Jason’s Deli near my office. I get migraines from Aspartame and the only diet soda that doesn’t have that so far that I have found is Hansen’s Diet and Boylan’s Diet (they have Sucralose). And you carry one of those! Thank you. Jason’s Deli is one of my favorites for lunch because you can’t always bring from home and when that happens, there is at least a choice that is healthier!

  • John

    Put one soda out that is cane sugar. Pick a small label brand or produce your own. If it tastes good, people will buy it and the status quo will be broken. Then switch out all the soda if it goes over well. Why not? Less talk, more do!

    Where can we taste cane sugar soda now?

  • Kelly

    You have no idea how long I have waited for healthier food to become mainstream. I salute your efforts and am thrilled you’re taking these steps.

  • Pat Curl

    I like Coca-Cola. In case you are wondering, there is a BIG difference between Coke and Poopsi. Please do not remove Coca-Cola from your choices available to your loyal customers. The Coke people made a big mistake when they fooled with the recipe several years back. They learned their lesson and put it back to the classic recipe. I visited a Jason’s Deli in Houston last night (09/01/09). Pepsi was in the drink fountain instead of Coca-Cola. IF I HAD SEEN THAT THERE WAS NO COKE IN THE FOUNTAIN, I WOULD HAVE LEFT WITHOUT ORDERING A MEAL AND TAKEN MY CHILD AND MOTHER WITH ME. Those of us who have no allergies or medical conditions deserve a little consideration, too.

  • david

    glad to see that they are tying to get rid of the HFCS in the soda pop, not any easy thing to do. the soft drink companies love using it because it was cheaper than sugar in the 1970s and have continued to do so even now, now that we know how bad the stuff really is for us. way to go jasons deli! you lead by example and are a benchmark for other restaurants that are starting to set noble goals.

    btw – why did they eliminate the strawberry shortcake from the salad bar here in tulsa? i miss it dearly..

  • Dawn

    To ensure peace and domestic tranquility, please keep the nasty, old HFCS choices available. My McDonalds-loving husband is a recent Jason’s convert, but he’s not about to give up his Coke. I drink the Blackcurrant Iced Tea (which is delicious unsweetened, BTW). I have my 5 year old drinking a blend of Sweet Tea and Unsweetened to cut his sugar intake.

  • Sam Vaillancourt

    For health reasons, I try to stick to stevia and agave nectar as my primary sweeteners. There’s a soda available that’s sweetened with stevia called Zevia. It’s wonderful. It comes in Cola, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Twist, Black Cherry, and Orange flavors and is FABULOUS. I doubt this will be available for use in soda fountains, but even making this available in store by the can would be such a treat! Thank you, Jason’s!

  • http://leadgenix.com Don

    I applaud Jasons for serving REAL food and am excited about the idea of HFCS free. I am amazed at how much better the soda tastes. I would be even MORE excited at the idea of Jasons going GMO free and even more so at Gluten Free options. The quality of the average food supply chain to any consumer is getting worse and worse, leading to more health problems as a result. So sad. Good job for getting started !!

  • Cristen

    Thank you Jason’s for being one of the only restaurants that cares about the health of their customers. I don’t think there is enough awareness about how bad corn/ corn syrup is for you and it is in almost everything!

    Because you have made this move, I promise to order from you more often for my family and my business.

    Thank you!!

  • Bryan

    High fructose corn syrup makes soda into nothing more than a delivery system for diabetes. Although sugar is also a culprit,I simply have more trust and faith in sugar as a safe sweetener.

  • Raymond

    Please bring more cane sugar based soft drinks to the deli. I find them better tasting than the HFCS based drinks. I try to stock up on Coke during Passover. I purchase from Jewish stores because, I was told that Coke used sugar during Passover for Jews who keep Kosher.

  • Chase

    Dr. Pepper has the Dublin formula which is made with pure cane sugar. That’s a plus in the familiarity column!

  • Kimberlee

    I’ve noticed soda with cane sugar makes me SUPER tired ( I get that sugar high then crash).

  • Heather

    Thank you so much for considering taking HFCS out of your soda fountain. I appreciate that Jason’s Deli watches the ingredients in their foods so closely. Not only do you do that, but you don’t charge an arm and a leg for it. I usually just get a water with my meal so I look forward to having more options to drink after you change your sodas. :)

    Hopefully, other food chains will take notice and change theirs, too. Thank you for being a leader.

  • Marc

    I am tired of the food police. I will recomend you if you offer products, and let me decide. I will not if you continue to try and decide what is or is not good for me.

  • cherieann riley

    i would love it if you became 100% HFCS free, including the sodas. as nice as a cane sugar option would be, i would love to see sodas with stevia and sweet tea with stevia as options. it would definitely increase my traffic to jasons deli, as well as other friends that i have.

    i’d also love to be able to come in and see that everything is 100% GMO free, or at least to have GMO certified free meals. i don’t mind paying more. i just want some place to eat that is safe.

  • James

    Absolutely remove the HFCS from your soft drinks. I avoid HFCS like the plague. Pepsi recently had a product called Throwback which was their non-HFCS consumer trial product of regular Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Hopefully they will make it a standard product if enough people push for it.

    Dr. Pepper has their own non-HFCS already.

    Coke from Mexico has no HFCS. Actually, when I visited Europe, none of the standard US soft drink brands (at least the ones we could find) had HFCS over there.

    Non-HFCS drinks taste better and do not leave a yucky film in the back of the throat.

    Finally, non-HFCS drinks are fairly unhealthy. HFCS causes the “I’m full” receptors in your body to turn off and cause people to over eat.

    Thanks Jason’s Deli for taking the lead and doing the healthy thing. As long as you always do that, I’ll always be a supportive returning customer.

  • Lisa

    Just got back to Northwest Texas after two solid weeks in Northwest England. All the regular carbonated soft drinks we drank there were sweetened with cane sugar – including Coke, Pepsi, and the rest of the name brands. My husband thought he detected a taste difference, but I didn’t. I personally drink sugar-free sodas as a rule, but I would prefer to offer my family and friends soft drinks sweetened with cane sugar. We purchase them at a local ethnic grocery.

  • eric

    I just moved back to the States after living in the Dominican Republic. All the soda there is made with Sugar Cane and it is so tremendously better than HFCS. Please make the switch, better tasting and better for you.

  • jay

    I like the cane sugar, but even when Coke, Pepsi, and others use it; it’s still 40 grams of sugar per 12 oz. which is still waaaaay too sweet for my tastes. There is a soda called “Grown up Soda” (GUS) that only has 22-24 grams (almost a half) of sugar per 12 oz. in their sodas, they are so much better than the hummingbird nector offered in other sodas. The cola version uses real cola nut extract, Delicious!!!

  • J – Allen, TX

    I like it how it is. We always have the lemonade option. Don’t change a thing!

  • Bryan

    The taste of HFCS just plain SUCKS!


    I think only providing sodas without HCFS would be taking a stand in a very real way against this harmful processed sugar. I just wanted to add though, in case you’re not aware, that the PEPSI and COKE versions in Mexico and the ones that they are starting to come out with as OLD SCHOOL or ORIGINAL VERSION aren’t made with Cane sugar either. They aren’t made with HCFS, but they’re still made with processed sugar so please only look at the sodas that are indeed made with raw sugar. In taking out the HCFS sodas, you should also take out the aspartame sodas as well. I’m not familiar with the diet sodas that do not contain Aspartame, but I think it would be a great idea to take this out as well. Maybe another thing to look into, would be to also have non-GMO food?

  • Christanya

    Im allergic to corn, corn products, etc.. So get rid of it all together, please!!!! that would be awesome!!! Those of us with these food allergies would be so grateful!!!!

    Plus thats a good start to a healthier America, Hopefully everyone will catch on!!!:)

  • Heather R.

    I’m with all the others wanting to see more “Dublin” Dr. Pepper! I even did a mini taste test when I first discovered it, and it is SO much better – a noticeable difference over regular Dr. Pepper.
    My hometown in Texas carries it in many stores (canned or bottled), but I have yet to see it in any form in Bryan/College Station.
    I love eating at Jason’s Deli, but, as another commenter stated, I also usually get water with my meal. I would, however, be willing to pay a slightly higher beverage price if Dublin Dr. Pepper was available (fountain would be awesome, but I’d be happy with a can/bottle).

  • George

    I don’t think that high fructose corn syrup is a bad thing. However, there have been studies showing that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in every name brand (coke, pepsi, etc) diet soda, can cause some pretty horrific stuff (diabetes, seizures, headaches, etc). We all need to have more choices, so I’m all for it.

  • Nicole

    My son is allergic to corn so corn syrup is not allowed for him. He loves Jason’s Deli and it would be so amazing if he could have a special soda to drink when we eat there!
    Thanks for seeking to provide quality food and drink.

  • Carrie

    Personally, I don’t think the HFCS soft drinks taste the same. And I would welcome the change to cane sugar.

  • Darryl Ball

    I would love to have the choice of pure cane sugar soft drinks. Get rid of the others.

  • G Joyner

    How about soft drinks with NO sugar? I’m a low carber. Would love to see selections made with Splenda.

  • http://floresarts.imagekind.com/gallery/photos Rene Flores

    I have always liked Jason’s Deli. Now that I’ve learned that you are considering eliminating HFCS from the soda fountain, I have a new respect and admiration for your company. My ideal soda fountain at Jason’s would offer: Cane sugar-based sodas, good old water, and all-natural, unsweetened FRUIT JUICES. If you offered fruit juices, I would eat there every day! Anyway, thank you for thinking about getting rid of the HFCS. I hope that other restaurants will follow your lead.

  • John R

    I take my family frequently to the local deli in West Des Moines, IA because of the healthy food. I never touch the soda b/c of the corn syrup issue, and it’s over sweetened. I’m not against normal corn, but b/c of the Genetic Engineering prevalent in all corn crops these days. Being in Iowa it’s all around me, but I don’t and won’t eat it.

    Q: Why should corn have an insecticide (Bt) in the plant?
    A: To kill the bugs that try to eat it.

    I’m not a bug, but I am still concerned.

  • Sam

    Try to keep some HFCS options. I am horribly allergic to most other sweeteners. Even things like agave make me very ill. I haven’t noticed a specific reaction to cane sugar, but I do worry about it.

  • Mari

    I get Coca Cola made with Sugar at Sams Club and costco. It is imported from Mexico and cost $18 for 24 12oz glass bottles. Why can’t Jasons Deli just order the Coke or Pepsi Syrup made with Sugar from Mexico or any other country????? In Canada, Japan, Mexico and just about everywhere else, they use Sugar instead of HFCS. That HFCS is made from Genetically Modified Corn, that has pesticide built in it. If a bug bites a GM corn stalk, its stomach splits open within seconds and kills the bug. All corn and soy products in the USA are Round Up ready and have Pesticide built in the seed unless it is ORGANIC.

  • Mari

    And don’t get me started on Canola oil. There is no such thing as a Canola Plant, it stands for Canadian Oil made from Genetically Modified Rapeseed Oil. Google it and find out how bad Canola oil is (actually worse than corn or soy oil). Use Peanut oil to fry or cook high temperature stuff and use olive oil for lower temp cooking and dressings etc.

  • Mari

    And Splenda is as deadly if not worse than other artificial sweeteners. People should not believe commercials or package marketing. I had someone at work tell me, oh splenda is just like sugar, it is natural. I shook my head and laughed and started preaching to this man about how splenda is made. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he and his family have not touched the stuff since. Amen and as Madia says, HallaluYER.

  • F Ramos

    Pure cane sugar sodas taste much lighter and crisper to me. I was amazed when I had a 7up that was made with it. I would really like to see more of these.

  • J D

    HFCS is like poison to my body–THANK YOU for removing it from your food. It’s very nice to have a place to go where the soft drinks are the only thing to avoid!

  • B

    I’m all for offering good alternatives, but please make sure it’s a valid substitution. Don’t run the risk of pushing away the masses by catering to a focused group with energy and inertia behind them. Most who will take the time to respond to surveys like the one on the main page will be strongly opinionated, not a passive visitor like most of us.

  • D Munday

    The Dublin Dr. Pepper plant in Dublin TX offers fountain Dr. Pepper made with pure cane sugar (the way it was originally made)and is wonderful!!!! I too am allergic to corn and all the bi products so having fountain sodas made with pure cane sugar would be wonderful!! I loved the Mt. Dew kick back that was out for a short time this past summer. I wish they would bring it back for good. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us eat better.

  • Lisa

    I miss Dublin Dr. Pepper so much! When our Jason’s Deli first opened, I was so excited about Dublin Dr. Pepper and had to tell everyone about it. I was dragging people from work there all the time to try the Dr. Pepper. I’m fructose intolerant, and LOVE Dr. Pepper, so it was the only occasion where I got to drink REAL Dr. Pepper. I was so sad to see it go.

  • BJ Cronk

    Replace with Cane Sugar! Please! High Fructose Corn Syrup is BAD stuff, it’s in way too many things.

  • john

    I believe that HFCS is one of the principle factors that has lead to the vast increase in diabetes in this country. I am not a doctor, researcher, or a nutritionist, but I have heard the following information from a source that I believe. When HFCS first enters the system it does not trigger the pancreas to get ready for a rise in blood sugar like cane sugar does. So, when the blood sugar rises as a result of ingesting HFCS the pancreas must produce and release insulin to “catch-up”. This stresses the pancreas and results in an over production of insulin. Over time, if this cycle is repeated often, the pancreas’ function is impaired and the body’s insulin receptors become less effective, thus creating a condition known as “insulin resistance”, which is essentially the same as “pre-diabetic”, which eventually leads to type 2 diabetes.

  • Heather

    I LOVE Jason’s Deli and the fact that they have healthy food choices! I am completely for them getting natural sodas. HFCS is unfortunately in so… many products. From what I have read, your brain does not register HFCS, so that means that if the food you’re eating has HFCS in it, your brain is not registered it. Therefore, you continue eating. (mindless eating) This is how people can finish off a box of, for example, Wheat Thins. HFCS is awful and was only put into foods in the 1970′s because it allowed food to have a longer shelf life. Since it’s been put into products, obesity has sky rocketed! If just this chain can switch over to natural soda that is one step in the right direction!

  • RetroPengo

    HFCS is chemically exactly the same as other sugars. Do some research.

    I’m all for choice though, so I say add the cane sugar along with the HFCS sodas. Let everyone figure it out for themselves.

  • Leighann Quam

    I work at a Jasons in texas and I totally vote yes for getting rid of the hfcs in sodas…it taste alot better with the cane sugar! lets go for it! :)

  • Richard

    Wow, I have recently learned about and started to eat organic, and my real problem is finding a place to get it fast, without cooking it myself where I live. Im glad you made this move! It’s made a good resturaunt so much better! I don’t know much about HCFC’s but if I have a choice to drink a soda made with cane I would rather! It just sounds more natural. Thank You so much!

  • richeyrich

    Who needs the junk? I say get rid of it.

  • David S.

    Rusty, your latest video is a gas. “Our flavor-enhancing ingredient is … freshness!” So true.

    A year after I made my previous comment … I’m amazed and pleased that so many of your visitors vote to replace the HFCS drinks with others using cane sugar. I hope you can do this. I’m frankly sick of the mainstream soda choices. They don’t even taste good anymore.

    Full speed, ahead, Jason’s!!

  • Stuart Fulton

    I know several Dr Pepper fanatics (I am not a soda drinker) who rave about Dr Pepper made with cane sugar versus HFCS. There are only a few places that you can get Dr Pepper made with cane sugar (in the central Texas area) so it is a real treat for them when they can pick one up.

  • Patrick

    I am a pilot based out of Northeast Ohio. I discovered Jason’s Deli while at a Hotel in San Antonio TX. I was hooked by the healthy product with the convenience of fast food right away. I was sad to discover the nearest franchise is in Dublin, a 2 hr drive. Any time my job takes me near a Jason’s Deli Location I have to Stop.

    On the issue of Cane Sugar products, I voted to carry both HFCS and Cane products. This is because I am unfamiliar with the taste of Sodas with the Cane sugar. I have had Tea sweetened with the Cane Sugar, and liked it but until I try the soda I wouldn’t recommend a complete switch to the Cane Products.

  • N8

    HFCS sodas are bad for you! i usually just have Tea at places that serve only HFCS sodas but at the mexican restruants i frequent they have the imported Coke from mexico which is normally sweetened with cane sugar. they sell in the $2 per half litre bottle range but worth it to me…

  • Gretchen

    I’m all about education. The more we offer good choices and education to people the more they will be likely to leave behind the yucky stuff and pick up something else. Something that actually feeds the body! Thanks Jason’s Deli for being a pioneer in the industry!

  • Cindy

    For more information on HFCS follow the link below.


  • Mike Magliano

    I can relate to some of the people on this list with food allergies to Corn. Corn is in everything and if we can start removing it from different products, I am all for it.

  • Bruce

    I read the comment from the person who didn’t like having to pay extra for healthier chips. That really does show that Jason’s Deli is all smoke and no fire when it comes to health. IMHO I think that they are using “healthy” as a marketing gimmick to make more money.

    Have you ever noticed what they say about the box lunches? They’ll take out the poisonous chips and the poisonous cookie and replace it with fruit…. for an extra fee, of course.

    Jason’s Deli, you need to take your own slogan to heart and “Get Real” before you can expect people to fall for your “Real Food” lies… All you care about is “Real Money.”

  • Linda

    Coke used to sweetened with sugar, then they brought out new Coke (sweetened with HFCS). The public protested, so they took the new Coke off the shelves, then they pulled a fast one on the public…They started adding HFCS to the original coke formula a bit at a time, so no one would notice. HA HA HA. Now everyone is drinking new Coke and doesn’t know the difference…well…some of us do!

  • Denise

    Way to go Jason’s Deli! Seriously, this is why my family and I eat in your deli every week. I applaud you for taking a stand and ending the destruction of health through eliminating HFCS! You’ll be one of the first restaurants to offer this! Could be the new trend and you started it! THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT YOUR CONSUMERS!!!!!

  • http://www.thegreenbrideguide.com Nina

    How about products sweetened with Agave syrup? It’s al natural – and delicious – and there is a line of terrific healthier natural drinks, teas and “ades” HONEST TEA which would be a great fit for Jason’s Deli’s. They also have a new Kombucha beverage which actually tastes yummy (ie doesn’t taste “good for you” unlike all the other ones on the market) and is effervescent. This could be a replacement for the more traditional sodas as it too has no HFCS.


  • DC

    This poll does not have enough choices.

    My vote would have been “it doesn’t matter, I don’t drink soda with sugar (any kind) at all because it’s all bad.”

    The few different Jason’s I go to typically have only ONE choice for diet soda, and that is diet coke.

  • Angela

    Cane Sugar please!

  • Nadine

    I once found Dublin Dr Pepper on your fountain here in Raleigh, NC. Then the next time I went to JD…it was gone! Noooo! Bring back Dublin Dr Pepper! It tastes amazing!

  • molly

    I had a nutrition class at slcc and my teacher said that eating or drinking stuff with corn syrup is basicly the same as putting rat poison in your body.

  • David

    HFCS is very evil akin to hydrogentated oil (artifcal transfats)as it is so much more fatting the sugar is plus it causes type two diabeties and the real evil in it is the freeded frutose unlike the frutose in fruit which is bonded in the same mannor that salt is bonded clorine and sodium safe in the bond dealy unbonded
    so watch for all the frutose products which are HFCS, invert sugar,crystline frutose and also labeld simply as frutose.

    which you have to watch out for companys such a jones who went to invert cane sugar which still contains freed frutose

  • Jennifer

    Soft drinks made with real sugar just taste better! We might actually come there more if you offered some soft drinks with real sugar. My husband loves them.

  • http://www.zevia.com Sharon

    Have y’all considered the natural almost calorie free alternative to soda and diet soda, the Zevia sodas made with stevia? They’ve recently come out with their version of Dr.Pepper and I’m waiting for it to arrive at my house.

  • Kelly Wallace

    My son is allergic to both corn and dairy products and finding restaurants that have food available for him is not easy. We make our decisions around where he CAN eat, so this change would make a big difference to us. However, as corn syrup is in bread, deli meats, and most everything else, we have to stick with places that use wholesome breads and provide ingredient lists for all foods. Avoiding dairy products is easy…but it’s the corn syrup that is difficult. If he could even have a soda to drink, he would love going to your deli! Do it! Make the change and advertise it. You’ll see families like mine show up like crazy!

  • Tim

    Wow, there is a huge amount of junk science in these comments. This article contains information about HFCS that most people don’t know: http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4157. To put it simply, sugar and HFCS have nearly the same ratio of glucose and fructose–the difference is that those two molecules are bound together in sugar as sucrose. Once sugar is in the stomach acids the sucrose molecules quickly begin breaking down into glucose and fructose (and then is the same as HFCS)–exposing sugar to heat such as in baking does the same thing.

    Tip of the hat to Jason’s Deli though for great marketing campaign.

  • cmiclat

    The less junk in our food the better. I eat pure as often as I am able, and yes it doubles my grocery bill, but to be honest I like Jason’s for its freshness.

  • Pingback: Rusty Coco at Jason’s Deli » Brian Fitzsimmons Photography

  • Mandy

    I think this idea of eliminating the HFCS is FABULOUS! I suffer from many food alleries and corn/corn products is one of them. I would LOVE to be able to eat out at a restaurant knowing that the food I am eating is safe for me and my family. Please spend the extra money to make this happen, I honestly believe it would be worth it for you and businesses like you to take on this venture.

  • Kyla

    If we don’t start to take a stand against the distributors one chain at a time they will NEVER give us better options.

    Kudos to Jason’s!

  • I_Think_for_myself

    Are you guys retarded? Both hfcs and cane sugar are basically the same thing: sugar. So why would you pay more for cane sugar? Oh yeah, probably the same idiots who think Obama’s green job spending or Cap and Trade are good ideas. Hats off to idiocracy!

  • David

    HFCS is not the only bad thing for you in soft drinks. The real fact of the matter is there is NO nutritional value in soft drinks. As far as HFCS goes its the way its processesed that makes it bad. GMO corn is broken down by way of Costic Soda. Costic Soda is in many cases contaminated with mercury, the 2nd most neuro toxic substance known to man. This mercury finds its way into the HFCS we consume. I like soda tho and do drink it from time to time. Everything in moderation.

  • Ryan

    MONDAY, Jan. 26 (HealthDay News) — Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies.


    Just a heads up…
    Yes, please get rid of the HCFS, not just for the reason above.

  • Dustin

    The histeria around HFCS is the same as man-made global warming. Both are bogus. You pump a kid full of real cane surgar or even honey right out of the honey comb and you will get the same results. Obesity. I feel sorry for consumers because ultimatly corporation like Jason’s Deli will make these changes and we will all pay more money. Much like studies coming out refuting man-made global warming there are and will be more studies that there is no significant difference in health effects from “organic” (all food is organic by the way) and “non-organic” foods. Okay, now off to Jason’s Deli. Still love the place. Just wish corporations and consumers were not becoming so idiotic about this stuff.

  • Jean

    It’s all sugar and too much of it is bad for you. Stop searching for the diet boogeyman. It’s not going to make a difference if it’s HFCS or sugar or honey — same calories, same result — except that Jason and others will charge you more because it’s “better” with cane or beet sugar. True. Better for their bottom line.

  • Melinda

    I would like for Jason’s to quit microwaving the kids macaroni and cheese in a plastic bag. I don’t care what type of plastic it is either, they’re all bad. It’s bad enough that the mac and cheese is stored in the plastic bag, it doesn’t need to be nuked in it. Other than that, I love the place.

  • Mike

    I really don’t care what you do with your sodas as long as you continue to offer a diet (read: SUGAR FREE) version – such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero (MY CHOICE), Pepsi One, etc. I am a diabetic and whether it’s a full blown Coke or cane sugar soda, I can’t drink it. If that’s all you offer, I’ll be drinking water or taking my business elsewhere. Please don’t forget diabetics who love your food!

  • Keith

    NO high fructose junk in anything, please.

  • Denver, CO

    I think the ultimate question is, what’s the cost of this? I’d even recommend cutting back on all the sodas you offer. People in general should be drinking more water, not sugar enhanced soft drinks.

    Of course I wouldn’t mind doing a comparison between the two.

  • Monty

    no HFCS add soda with sugar and diet

  • danny m

    boylans all the way!

  • Christina

    Do it! I think the United States as a whole is entirely too dependant on all the corn additives that are put in our foods.

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    Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

  • Carol Boethel

    There is food and then there is “Not Food.”
    HFCS is not food and should not be in products ingested by people.

    I am reading labels these days and not buying any thing with HFCS in it. Have given up many things I enjoyed. Oh, Well…

  • Sara M.

    I am so happy that Jason’s is considering moving away from sodas containing HFCS! I have just started phasing HFCS out of my diet (which is difficult because it is everywhere!) so I am excited to see one more “safe” option! Thank you Jason’s!

  • Candace

    Just a suggestion but Steaz green teas are HFCS Free and sooooooo good! Might want to look into carring them! I LOVE YOUR FOOD AND WISH WE HAD ONE CLOSER BUT I WILL STILL DRIVE THE DISTANCE TO EAT JASON’S!!!

  • L del

    Pat Curl,

    I, too, am a Coke fan. (I’m a native Houstonian, too) However, Coke never really did put it back to their original formula. That was the exact time that they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup. So Coke Classic, is NOT truly the original recipe. The reason they changed was due to taxes on sugar import. They’re tryng to save a buck. I have changed over to Pepsi Throwback. Honestly, it doesn’t taste nearly as good, but doesn’t have corn syrup, and at least they’re honest about their formula and ingredients. Thank you, Jason’s Deli for daring to go healthy. My personal preference would be to use a mainstream soda such as throwback pepsi, heritage Dr. Pepper, or if Coke would get on the bandwagon, one of theirs.

  • L del

    For those of you who keep spouting that HFCS and sugar have the same calories, so are equal, please do your research. HFCS is from corn that has been chemically altered to the point that it no longer resembles corn in any way. (except for the allergies, of course, which it still causes) Studies have shown that your body breaks down HFCS completely differently from sugar. HFCS causes problems with metabolism, and also the nervous system. Of course, everything should be in moderation, but I am happy to pay more for things that are not breaking down my body, and causing other nutrients to not obsorb correctly. FYI, I dont eat HFCS in anything. Start reading lables. Its in 90% of food in grocery stores. Go back to nature!

  • Kathleen T

    High fructose corn syrup is BANNED IN EUROPE. If it’s too dangerous to consume there, what makes us think it’s any safer here? BTW, there’s been an dramatic increase in Type 2 Diabetes in children and adults since this was added to our food and drink. Coincidence? Maybe.

  • Amy

    Sugar is still sugar, no matter what form its is. Whether its HFC syrup or raw cane sugar, it still provides empty calories in a soda. Americans already drink too many liquid calories in general. Try offering more variety of diet sodas. Most restaurants only carry one diet soda option and it’s usually caffeinated. Better yet, try making fresh squeezed lemonade or seasonal fruit juices. I bet people would pay up to $4 for a fresh beverage. If I’m going to drink sugar, might as well get an antioxidant in there somewhere.

  • Melissa J

    Jasons Deli you ROCK! I love your salad bar and eat it regularly. I do miss the Dublin Dr. Pepper though.

    Keep up the good work, and know you are very much appreciated!

  • Ariana Cardenas

    Hello, I am in California, but I am also a frequent traveler to Latin American countries. You may be happy to find out, or probably know that in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador and beyond Fountain Sodas DO NOT CONTAIN HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. They do however, contain REAL SUGAR. The end result, a bubblier, more quenching soft drink that takes a long time to go flat! You may want to investigate and possibly find out if you can import Soda’s to the your locations. How ironic, the place where sodas were created and enjoyed are now being cast off for that very simple ingridient…now trying to get it out of our schools is a whole different story. good luck and hope to try your sanwiches some day in SF Bay Area!

  • Doug

    while I commend you for 86-ing the HFCS, it would be BETTER if you (and all other restaurants) toned down the soft drinks altogether. most of the EXTRA calories the obesity-epidemic “victims” are larding onto themselves come from sweet, caloried beverages (which includes fruit juices). offering fewer soft drinks, and more LIGHTLY flavored/low-calorie teas and waters, and honey-sweetened lemon-/limeade would be a bigger stride in the right direction.
    consider getting rid of free refills; people drink so much because they CAN. I know you have profit to consider, but if you truly want to put the well-being of your customers front and center, put your hand over our mouths when it comes to beverages. be an innovator in this area, and it will come back to you in spades.

    thanks for the opportunity to express one man’s opinion.

  • Christopher

    Another item I’d like to see show up on the soda fountain is Coke Zero. Tastes better than Diet Coke, no HFCS, no calories. I’m amazed when I ask at a restaurant if they have Zero, and I get the response “What’s that?”

  • Marsh

    Atcually, HFCS has the same nutritional value as sugar. And it is fine in moderation. But, for those of us who have allergies to corn, it would be nice to see some cane sugar sodas. But, don’t get rid of ALL the HFCS sodas.

    P.S. I love Jason’s Deli!!!! :)

  • http://TrainersHQ.com Christopher

    We love your food. I enjoy that we are able to treat our children to a tasty night out for dinner without compromising a healthy diet!

  • chirstine

    we have been a hfcs family for 7 yrs ,,only shop at whole foods and health food stores
    how about going NON gmo?
    thanks again
    hfcs suppreses the hormone leptin that makes you feel full
    heres one answer to our obesity epidemic

  • Nicole

    Replace sodas with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) with sodas made with cane sugar;

    HFCS is soo bad for our bodies. Remove it from your diet.

  • John

    Finding HFC free drinks is like trying to buy American manufactured products anymore. Tough to do. There is also the issue with diet drinks and the artificial sweeteners – not a much better in my mind. I also appreciate the issue of “margin” on the fountain drinks as Jason’s is a business. I like your emphasis on the cane sugar drinks in the bottle and I’d like to see a bigger de-emphasis on the fountain. Besides the bottle drinks give it a more “deli-like” experience to me. And for all you Texans, go to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco and have a real DP at the fountain – there is no question what is better. So maybe Jason’s could start a campaign “Take HFC out of our food and put it into Alt-Fuels”.

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  • http://www.adamhasit.com Adam Khan

    I’m so glad to see Jason’s Deli advertise that they are going High Fructose Corn Syrup free! I am HFCS Intolerant and am glad that I am. That stuff is bad for you and I believe is the leading cause of obesity & Type 2 diabetes. Plus the food a Jason’s Deli is friendly to the healthy eating program that I’m enrolled in called Transitions Lifestyle System. You have all the right foods and now without any HFCS it’s even healthier. Thanks for choosing the healthier way and excellent service.

  • Adria

    In reference to HFCS free soda, may I recommend Zevia!! It contains no HFCS, artificial flavors or colors, and sugar. It is sweetened with the Stevia product and it is made with ALL natural ingredients … and it’s good!

  • Bill

    In spite of all the hype, it now seems likely that HFCS is no different than sugar in soft drinks. So, replacing it with sugar won’t be of benefit to most people. What we need is drinks with less sugar.

  • angela

    The coca cola in europe taste so much better because they use sugar instead of HFCS. It’s an amazing difference in taste. If Jason’s Deli started offering sodas with natural sugar, I would definitely eat there more often.

  • Eddie

    There is a huge difference between cane sugar and HFCS. Washington post reported in 2009 that half of the HFCS used in food was contaminated with mercury. There has been no such report from sugar.
    Your choice mercury or no mercury in your soda.

  • Rick Hamby

    Glad you’re on the band wagon on this issue !
    When I can get Pepsi “Throwback”, I always choose it… Tastes like when I was a kid (back when they were still using cane sugar).

  • J

    I personally don’t drink either products due to the fact they’re both unhealthy. They’re a part of why the US has such a high rate of adult diabetes. I say replace all sodas with water.

  • Sherry

    My husband tells me he survived eating at Jason’s Deli for the last 5 years he lived in CO. He was excited when one opened up here in Chesapeake, VA.
    When we went to CO after we got married he had to take me there. I thought it was rather good. I really like the one here in VA!
    I love the thought of the Cane Sugar soda’s vs HFCS drinks. Unfortunately some of them have an ingredient that is not natural and is looking to be harmful – Sodium Benzoate. Actually anything Benzoate is bad. It is a preservative that can cause damage at the DNA level.
    Speaking of preservatives. What about (nitrates and nitrites) in your deli meats?
    Something to think about.
    Thanks for striving to make things you serve your customers as healthy and tasty as possible.

  • rain girl

    i dislike monsanto and that whole frankenstein corn thing that they got going on, but it also really bothers me that sodium benzoate is in so many of the sodas that are made with cane sugar instead of HFCS. Sodium benzoate makes drinking fancy sodas no fun, because all i can think when i drink them is “there is benzene in this soda”

    sodium benzoate is not good. benzene is even worse, and when ascorbic acid mixes with sodium benzoate, the sodium benzoate breaks down into just benzene. ascorbic acid is vitamin c which is not bad in and of its self, but it is bad if sodium benzoate is in the ingredients with something that has ascorbic acid.

    benzene does not get processed by your liver. your liver tries to process it but it can’t so the more benzene you accumulate in your body, the more you have, and your body never detoxes it out of your system. benzene is extremely carcinogenic and can cause chromazone damage and can cause AIDS like symptoms so i really don’t understand why there are so many benzene derivatives in all kinds of food and cosmetics and soaps.

    please take the sodium benzoate out of your fancy soda. i wish i could feel good about drinking the cream soda you guys have to offer, it really looks yummy, but its got a toxin in it.

  • Sue

    A wonderful alternative for Dr. Pepper without HFCS is to obtain your supply from Dublin, Texas. They only use Imperial Pure Cane Sugar in their Dr. Pepper.

  • LeeAnn

    I understand why you all have brought this up; you want to know whether offering different drinks will help you build a customer base. Go Capitalism!

    But let me just say, if you will add choices, great. But don’t take away the Dr Pepper. Actually, I would love it if you offered Diet Dr Pepper. And the wide selection of tea already offered is fabulous.

    A few folks have recommended Hansen’s, which are great sodas (regular and diet— they use Splenda). Another good option would be the new zero-calorie flavored waters sweetened with stevia.

    ALL SWEETENERS do pose health concerns, but let the consumer decide which they prefer.

    Why don’t you guys add a few more options and see which ones people prefer?

  • Kelly

    Thank you Jason’s Deli for getting your customer’s opinions in regards to what they choose to eat. Thank you for considering us in that way. This poll alone should prove that more and more americans are becoming more and more aware of what we put into our bodies. Needless to say…we are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are doing something about it. Kudos Jason’s deli

  • Rodney

    Removing drinks or food is like removing the freedom of choice. How about no drinks except water offered at Jason’s Deli? Afterall, water is about the only true healthy drink available that we should be drinking. I’m pro-choice when it comes to food. The bigger the variety, or the bigger the choice, the better. Even if offered as an experiment, offer what exists now with fountain drinks, but add a new machine for sugar cane sodas, and then another for natural fruit juices (ie: apple, mango, etc.), etc. Let the people decide this way. And for those of us who wish to drink water, may continue to do so.

  • Pingback: Vote to Ban High Fructose Corn Syrup at Jason’s Deli! | Fix the Food!

  • http://www.none.com Hann Djob

    If you can push the use of a more “whole” sugar… something like Palm Sugar, it will make an even larger impact… both on the “realness” of the food, and make a small, but valuable sustainability impact.

  • Nathan Parker

    I think it’s great you’re working into replacing HFCS drinks with Cane Sugar drinks, and I personally would like it better. I love how you’ve already eliminated MSG. Now if you’ll just get a Jason’s up here near Clarkesville, Demorest, or Cornelia, Georgia, I could eat there more. :-)

  • Bill

    Here in Houston it is very easy to find both Mexican Coca Cola -made with real sugar, and of course the famous Dublin Dr. Pepper – from Dublin Texas – the ONLY REMAINING Dr Pepper plant in the world that still makes the original formula Dr Pepper using real sugar.

    My local Jason’s has other bottled drinks in the cooler, but neither one of these locally available ‘real’ soft drinks are there.

    They are both easy to find here. I keep both at home constantly, and don’t do the other versions any more – not because of HFCS, but because of THEY TASTE BETTER.

    You can order Dublin Dr Pepper online if you are not local to Texas. Not sure about getting Mexican Coca Cola. If you live where you can’t get either of these you should consider moving. Oh, and Texas has NO State income tax – -

  • Courtney

    I was so astonished and happy to see that you were looking into removing HFCS from your soft drinks. Soft drinks made with cane sugar just taste better! I don’t hardly drink sodas today because they’re too syrupy sweet – not like in the “old days”! (and I’m only 34!). Thanks for taking our health into account (and that of our children!!)! It’s about time somebody does. Though I’ve loved your sandwiches ever since moving south 3 years ago, you have skyrocketed in my estimation now and we will see you very soon!

  • MJ

    Thank you for working so hard to make healthy meals on-the-go an easier option. I would encourage you to also look into gluten-free options- the gluten intolerant population is growing and needs good options too.

    I’m a regular at Jason’s and I love it! Thanks!

  • Meredith

    The Jason’s Deli near our house had one choice in the soda fountain that was high fructose corn syrup free (I think it was Boylan’s Cola) but it went away a few months ago and we MISS it!! Please bring it back!

  • Marci

    While you are at it. why not take a closer look at what is used in the diet sodas – like aspartame, much worse then the natural products or corn sweetners! Horrible side effects!
    We all need to be responsible for what we put in our bodies, i.e., limiting the portions whether it be food or drink. No need to “super size” anything when it comes to food intake! The old addage of “everything in moderation” definitely works!

  • Sonya

    Thank you for working so hard to make healthy meals. I definitely agree to the replacement of HFCS but would also suggest considering the soda I believe is called Zevia. It is sweetened with Stevia. I have not tasted the soda yet but I do use Stevia to sweeten my hot tea and to make lemondade. It might be a viable option as well.


    Jason’s deli, I love this place!

    Everyone I have told about it comes back to me just to say how much they love it. I heard they may open one up in Orland Park, Illinois,
    please do this so everyone at my work can enjoy! It’s nice to have a choice to eat fast healthy food.
    Laura :)

  • P. Ryan

    GREAT! That’s a very BOLD move. Creating the dialogue is the first step. Thanks! Coke and Pepsi, are you listening?

  • N8tiveflgurl

    I think this is a GREAT idea. I cut out all refined sugars including HFCS a year ago and have lost over 80lbs and 8 pant sizes!! I have tried everything in the past to achieve this goal and NOTHING worked! Finally I read/studied everything I possibly could on the body and it’s interaction or lack there of with sugars. That is when I decided to cut it out – cold turkey! I honestly do not miss it and when I do eat something that contains HFCS in it, it makes me sick for days! Kudos to Janson’s for keeping things healthy!

  • Crystal G.

    Thanks for helping us take better care of ourselves. Pure cane sugar is the way to go! I have always enjoyed your commitment to healthy eating options and I think this is yet another example of why I will always be your customer.

  • Don Sloan

    I think that high fructose corn syrup should be replaced with cane sugar products everywhere. The only reason it isn’t is the soda manufacturers greed, because HFCS is so much cheaper so they can make more money. After a couple trips to England where they don’t have any sodas with HFCS, and some such as Coke and Pepsi actually read “Made with all natural ingredients”, I was hooked! They taste a lot better and better for you too.

  • Brian

    You had a prior post from someone that said that HFCS had the same nutitional value as sugar, and that in moderation it’s fine. Neither one of those statements is true. HFCS is TOXIC, make no mistake about it, and it has and addictive aspect to it’s effects on the body. If you really knew what was going on in “agribusiness”, you would alter your diet in a hugely significant way. Kudos to Jason’s for taking another step in the right direction…healthy foods and healthy eating should be the norm!

  • Nessa

    I voted leave it alone, but I didnt think about people allergic to HFCS..I change my vote to add drinks with cane sugar…just for goodness sake DONT take the HFCS away. I would rather be 500 pounds than have the problems caused by artificial sweetners.

  • http://www.fixthefood.com Amy

    @Nessa, Jason’s is not proposing to replace HFCS sodas with artificially sweetened ones…they are proposing to replace HFCS sodas with cane sugar sweetened sodas. Cane sugar is a natural substance to which your body has a proper insulin response (unlike HFCS).

  • Mauri

    I agree with offering more cane sugar products. Having a corn allegry introduced in my family raised my awareness and definitely effects my food choices. Not that many food service establishments are aware of this need.

  • http://www.freebirthday.com FreeBirthday.com

    Jason’s… keep up the great work. All of us parents are with you in fighting for healthier food and drinks!!

    Mike Schiano
    The #1 Birthday Web site since 1999.

  • Frank

    I am glad America is finally, yet slowly, starting to use more and more CANE SUGAR in beverages. It’s natural and much better health-wise. High Fructose Corn Syrup is just bad all around. What better way to start promoting CANE SUGAR than having it in the beverages served at Jason’s Deli. Thank you, Jason’s Deli, for your commitment to better and natural food.

  • Krystal L

    I think it’s great that your one of the few resturants that actually gives a flip about american health, even down to the smallest details. there are many people who are allergic to corn syrup so they cant drink soft drinks. i’m proud to have a Jason’s Deli in my neighborhod.
    Also, your food is just great. im actually getting hungry right now just thinking about it :] you guys have the BEST baked potatoes AND chicken noodle soup… man i want some now lol
    just wanted to add that :]
    keep up the good work!

  • John Webb

    Have you ever tried drinks with Splenda?

  • scott

    I think it’s great that you’re trying to get rid of HFCS. Now, how about some diet-caffeine-free soda to help some of us with our blood pressure. I know that water would be better, but I like the taste of the soda. Diet-Rite is a great diet soft drink that is low in sodium, has no aspartame, comes in several flavors and is caffeine-free. I’ve never seen it offered as a fountain drink anywhere. Maybe it could be an option.

  • Pepi Lurie

    Always looking forward to my next meal at Jason’s Deli. Love the fact that this restaurant is willing to look for better ways to keep me, my family and friends healthy. The food is always fresh and abundant and the prices remain very affordable. So happy that we have a Jason’s near us! Keep up your great efforts of healthy eating; they are truly appreciated.

  • Mike

    With options like Kosher Coca-cola (made with real sugar and no high fructose corn syrup) that comes around once a year… or Mexican Coke (made with sugar), that you can get even at Costco year-round… and the “throw-back” sodas that were in stores not too long ago (Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper), there is definitely the possibility to keep the flavors that people *love* with a more natural alternative. Just look at Europe. Their Orange Fanta, Coke and many of their soft drinks are made with real sugar while the American counterparts are substituted with HFCS.

  • Judy

    One of the reasons besides the great food that we go to Jasons is that they have Diet Coke. So many restaurants have gone to Pepsi products. We do not go to those places or lunch.

  • http://www.pendragonacademy.com Laney Atherton

    These results just go to show that people really DO care about this issue, and we want to eat healthier. I wish every restaurant cared as much as Jason’s Deli about healthy eating.

  • Seth

    Please bring back Dublin Dr. Pepper. It does not have HFCS and it tastes awesome!

  • Craig

    That is great to hear about the high fructose corn syrup, MSG & trans fat is off the menu. Now if only you could quit handling all of your food with latex gloves on, people who are allergic to it could start eating at your establishment too.

  • Kyle

    I agree with the comment above about the greasy, salty potato chips that one is forced to get with an already pricey sandwich. Not good at all and makes the overall experience overpriced. I’d expect something a bit more substantial as a side item for those prices. Salsa, potato salad, even fries; something besides 12 cents worth of nasty potato chips with my $9 sandwich meal.

  • Debbie

    Leave it the same…just start a new line. Like the Pepsi one, etc. That way people can choose, and companies can slowly stop marketing the one consumers arent buying.

  • Heather

    I know that most of your menu is healthy, but not everything is–people have a choice of what they want to consume. why do you need to eliminate the regular sodas altogether? people can choose to drink the tea, or water or other things. so what if I want to have a soda along with my healthy salad? why can’t I have that option?

  • Nathan

    Serve Dublin Dr. Pepper (cane sugar based) from Dublin, TX (http://www.dublindrpepper.com/) and available in soda fountain format. It would be great to if you could get the Mexican Coke in a fountain drink.

    If a chain with the prestige of Jason’s can pressure the big soft drink manufacturers to return to their original sugar based formulas it would be a service to all of us.


  • Jessica

    Jason’s Deli is the ONLY place my husband and I go out to eat anymore and it is for reasons like this one. I don’t like putting anything enginered into my body and HFCS is the WORST offender in most of our foods.

    My first trip into Jason’s was like walking into heaven…organic options, healthy food, pop with cane sugar, soft serve with no HFCS!! I could live in one of your booths for the rest of my life and be a happy camper.

    It is for things like this – you’re choice to offer cane sugar sodas at the Chicago stores – that I will only eat at your establishment (and I’m there at least *gulp* three times a week or more). That and with all the amazing options (organic, healthy, cane sugar…) you are cheaper to eat at then “the other guy” whose the big chain that offers soup and salad mass-production style.

  • david

    the rest of the world has name brand soft drinks like coke and pepsi made with sugar, the cheapest route is always taken in this country with no concerns of public health.

  • Fred Weck

    Refined sugar is no better. I used to buy 90,000 lbs per day and know how it’s processed. No nutrients left, and it’s just what cancer cells love to eat. There are substitute sweetners on the market, but how do convince the food industry. That’s the big problem!!!

  • http://dallasbasketbal.com Royce

    All I need to know is that cane sugar drinks taste FAR better than ones made with corn syrup.

    Its not even a contest. That alone would be why I would only stock soda with cane sugar.

    The you factor in how awful HFCS is for your body and it should not even be a question as to what you stock.

    When I don’t have a choice for cane sugar soda, I don’t even buy it.

  • Brenda

    Not only is HFCS and aspartame unhealthy, so is too much sugar, which causes inflammation and other health problems.
    There are sodas on the market made from Stevia and Agave Nectar that taste very good. Please consider looking into those as well.

  • Grandma Patty

    Well so much for supporting our farmers who grow corn crops – maybe my first Jason’s experience will be the last.

  • http://HFCS Richard

    I am thrilled with the elimination of HFCS from all drinks. I hope that it also extends to other products (including breads)that contain HFCS. Since switching to Hansen Soda, with cane sugar, I have found that the craving aftertaste for more soda is gone. I wonder if there is some additive quality to HFCS, it wouldn’t surprise me! It may explain the “Big Gulp” phenomena. Were looking forward to trying out Jason’s Deli!

  • Andy

    I know for a while you served Dr Pepper made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar but had to abandon it due to contractual obligations. Please bring it back!

  • Leslie Greene

    I love Jason’s deli!! I just ate there the other day and was overjoyed to find such healthy options! Even more when I found there is NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!!!!!! We have cut that junk out of our lives as well as artificial dyes and such. Thank you Jason’s Deli…we need a lot more places like you. I am spreading the word…Facebook, blogging, emails, shouting from the roof top! Good job!

  • joy

    I never thought I would be *wanting to find something with sugar in it…

    Maybe someday you can offer sodas with stevia or xylitol or something, but cane sugar is certainly better than HFCS! (for those rare occasions that I want a fizzy drink)

    One thing that would help immensely would be to filter the water… I usually eat slowly enough that I don’t need to drink with food (much better for digestion), but when I do need to wet my whistle, it’s hard to get that city water past my nose.

  • joy

    @Mike – the European orange soda also has (or at least had, a decade or two ago) no artificial color, either. I was SHOCKED at how actually GOOD it tasted. Artificial flavor adds a distinct unpleasant taste, as well as adverse health effects.

  • C. M.

    I think it would be best for soft drinks to be eliminated altogether. They make your body extremely acidic with just one sip. For those people that just really like to drink them, though, replacing the fake junk with real cane sugar is not only a good idea, but a necessity.

    We LOVE your food. Thank you for providing an alternative and standing up to the marketing gimmicks. We–and our bodies–appreciate it.

  • Diane Keister

    Corn syrup free sodas

    Carbonated fruit juices with no added sugar: The Switch(switchbev.com);Izze(izze.com).

    Carbonated juices that have small amounts of sugar: Boylan’s Mash; Gus(drinkgus.com);Jones soda,Hansen’s.

    Coke and Dr pepper have products with sugar instead of corn syrup.

    Green teas that are unsweetened unless with fruit juice with a side of lemon slices.

    Please stop selling products with aspartame there are soda with reduced sugar for diet versions.

    There are a lot of choices, these are only the few I know about.

    Hey how Jason’s Delis having a tasting parties??

  • Michelle

    I think you should get rid of soda all together and stick with organic teas, fresh water and fruit juices.

  • Carol Barlow

    It was interesting to read from someone who worked for Coca-Cola that Classic Coke was different after it was re-instated in the 70′s. Yes, I thought it tasted different from what I knew growing up, but it was better than New Coke so I stuck with it.

    Since I learned that the difference in taste was due to HFCS, I’ve wished Coke would go back to cane sugar. I’m all about taste so I vote to keep the HFCS drinks along with the cane sugar drinks so I don’t have to give up my Coke for something without HFCS and the taste I desire.

    If you find a cane sugar replacement that tastes like original Coke, I’ll gladly drink it.

  • Troy Edwards

    Please bring Dublin Dr Pepper to Jason’s Deli. It tastes great and uses only pure cane sugar. It absolutely tastes batter than regular Dr. Pepper.

  • Troy Edwards

    I love the fact that you carry several variations of tea. People will really like the taste of cane sugar sodas. I no longer drink HFCS sodas anymore. And that is just because of the taste.

  • John Bowman

    I travel to Mexico, where they still use cane sugar. When I am there, I often have a Coke with breakfast, instead of coffee. The cane suger just seems to add a certain “body” to the drink. It is a bit thiker, and tastes better.

  • Chris

    I love Jason’s Deli, and I applaud its efforts to provide healthy food options, but “options” is the key word. Mainstream sodas are dear to many of your customers, and it would be a mistake to alienate those customers in the pursuit of a “No HCFS” seal for the front of the menu. Offering HCFS-free sodas to the minority that prefers them would be wonderful–I might even get hooked myself–but eliminating HCFS-containing sodas from the majority that prefers them would probably keep me away.

  • Trish

    I would much rather my grand-child grow up with something healthier than high fructose corn syrup. If the option isn’t there, we won’t miss it. I don’t drink colas at all because it is so unhealthy. Our grandson only gets colas once in a while (about once a month)now. Water, teas and juices, etc. are healthy and we can live without colas.

    Please start selling teas that are decaf. Decaf drinkers have very little choice.

  • robin

    Just another hype of the day. I drink diet soda, but if I didn’t, I would certainly go elsewhere if you didn’t offer variety. Go ahead and cater to the the ones who want it, but have a choice in the matter. I’ve quit going to restaurants that only serve Pepsi products because of who they are owned by because I hate diet pepsi….. it tastes like I imagine Pine-Sol would. Sandwich places are a dime a dozen, all of them just as good as you are, and most less expensive, so don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, especially in this economy.

  • Okie

    We purchase Jones Soda, throwback Pepsi, Dublin Dr. Pepper and Mexican Coke for that exact reason. If we increase the demand on these products, they won’t be so hard to find!

  • http://www.wedontplayfair.com Kevin Lofgren

    Cane sugar is better. Agave nectar is even more so. The body can break it down naturally and burn it efficiently.

  • J. Gammon

    I saw “Food, Inc” on PBS last night. It describes the disgusting state of the US food supply system.

    Thanks for fighting the big ‘farma’ (sic) efforts to degrade our public food.

    I drink soda only when I can find it with cane sugar, although I would prefer being able to find sodas with stevia as the only sweetener if possible. At Walgreen’s has a house label soda that uses cane sugar only. I cannot drink caffeine loaded soda so all of those are also out of my diet.

  • Christian Rodriguez

    I have become a regular customer of Jason’s Deli because of the high quality food ingredients, preparation, presentation, and taste. The service I receive has always been exceptional (at Melbourne, Florida restaurant) with speedy servers who always greet you with a smile on their face. I want to congratulate you for being a successful business who provides a quality product without cutting corners where it matters.

    Jason’s Deli branded the idea of serving only “real food” and took steps to remove artificial ingredients from the menu. Hence, in order to preserve your own identity, it is your responsibility to remove the types of sodas containing HFCS. This is the only way to reflect your own company motto.

    In response to Chris on msg. 301: The majority of the population prefer eating fast food without regards of nutrition benefits and effects, but the moment Jason’s Deli set forth to serve only real food, they committed to serving not what is popular, but that which they respected and considered of value. Jason’s Deli should not betray their mission statement (serving wholesome real food) because it might increase their revenue and help their bottom line (serving more sodas to the majority). Every company has to make these tough decisions, but the company goals and mission cannot be contradicted in the efforts of drawing in more customers. No compromises, only “Real People, Real Food”!

  • Robert


    People need to understand that HFCS is bad, but cane sugar is no better. At the end of the day, they both are high calorie, with no nutritional value. A 4th option to this survey would be to replace HFCS sodas with no sugar options, ones that use sweetener alternatives such as stevia or xylitol or zero calorie soft drinks.

    That said, options with these ingredients are fairly limited, so migrating to natural sugar from manufactured HFCS is a steep in teh right direction.

    Thanks for providing a great product!


  • Amy Miller

    As someone who has an intolerance to corn, I typically drink WATER, but if I splurge, I drink Virgil’s Root Beer. It is amazing, has won lots of awards, and is all-natural…. NO HFCS! No other root beer can compare.

  • Marty

    I understand some folks may be allergic to HFCS, but other than that I doubt it makes any difference what kind of sugar is in your drinks. In order for most people to enjoy the soft drink they have to have too many grams of sugar (empty calories!) in the drink. So I just quit drinking soft drinks entirely. Now I just drink water. That’s all you really need anyway, and after you get off the sugar diet you will never miss it!

  • Sharon

    Glad to hear you all are thinking about our health when most companies are just looking for the greatest profit margin. Although it’s not soda, I really like Simply Lemonade (raspberry flavor)–it contains cane sugar instead of HFCS.

  • Eric

    Didn’t know Jasons was so healthy! Just moved near one for the first time in years_ very happy you guys actually care! I say ditch the HFCS and anything else artificial. Boylan Bottleworks makes delicious pure sugar cane sodas_ check ‘em out!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jbrett Jason Brett

    I love that you are looking at this. I’ve recently been looking into the health problems associated with HFCS and am making major changes to get this junk out of my life.

    As a note, Pepsi and Dr Pepper recently offered limited availability of their soft drinks made with real sugar instead of HFCS. I would hope that they might make those available in fountain versions, and that Jason’s Deli could push the manufacturers into providing a slightly less unhealthy alternative!

  • Bill

    I know for a fact that Dublin Dr Pepper and their cane sugared flavor line can be made available to Jason’s Deli immediately and at no more cost than the HFCS variety. The problem is that Corporate Dr Pepper Snapple prohibits dublin Dr Pepper from distributing to Jason’s Deli. Send your comments to corporate and insist that they reverse that policy.

  • CMK

    If you can manage to get cane sugar-sweetened sodas in your Delis and manage to keep drink prices from soaring, then I will be completely amazed. I wholeheartedly support this effort and wish you luck! I already frequently patronize my local Deli, but not only would I tell more people about it if you made the switch, I think it’d make TONS of potential customers curious enough to wander in and become addicted just like me.

  • Adrianne Stone

    Actually Pamela Shuford an “ose” ending just indicates that the item is a sugar – not that it is horrible for you. Cane Sugar is sucrose – a disaccharide consisting of glucose and fructose molecules.

    That being said I’m all for getting rid of the HFCS sodas! The cane sugar sodas just taste better – and they are better for you.

  • http://www.candyheartsblog.com/ Wendy

    We love Jason’s Deli!

    Thanks for offering a great gluten free venue!!!!

    We have a child with Type 1 Diabetes who enjoys a soda now and then. Please be sure to continue offering at least 1 (preferably more!) diet soda option(s), because diet drinks do not impact her blood sugar.


  • Michael L. Hoenig

    My wife has diabetes; high-fructose corn syrup – any corn syrup, in fact – is a major problem for diabetics. We are pleased to see Jason’s Deli doing everything to eliminate this threat to our health.

    Another major health threat, especially to diabetics, is Aspartame. If you’ve never had a reaction to it, consider yourself lucky! It’s worse than being drunk…I hate seeing my wife have those reactions, especially since we can’t always be sure what she’s drinking or eating is Aspartame-free…many offerings contain no warnings to Phenylketonurics, and the reaction occurs much too late after ingesting the product containing Aspartame.

    PLEASE be sure you avoid Aspartame in all products which replace the HFCS offerings!

    Again, thanks for everything you’re doing, and continuing to do everything you can!

  • Anita

    I knew Jasons was/is interested in providing healthy as well as good tasting food. THANK YOU!!! I have been discovering that we have so many poisons in our food, water, air, products we take our showers with, shampoos, laundry detergent etc. that our bodies are having trouble dealing with it and it’s one of the reasons so many people are sick. If people want to drink the high fructose drinks that’s their business, but I think fewer would if they actually knew how BAD it is for you. I just read somewhere that it is the WORST thing we can do for our health. So I think if you keep the sodas you already provide that would please most of the people who currently drink them, but for those of us who don’t wish to or can’t I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to give us an option, very few places do.
    Also, I agree with the person who is concerned about the greasy potato chips, I like the more nutritious ones too. Thanks for all you do for us.

  • Jessica

    Thank you to Jason’s deli for all you do. It’s nice to know that there is food in town that is healthy and natural that is as easy to pick up as anything unhealthy out there. I think the campaign for high fructose corn syrup is quite the crock, and I avoid it like the plague. I would always recommend your restaurants, but I do think the soda bar contradicts your good message. Get rid of it! :) I’d pay more for your food for a good cause such as that. Plus there are so many companies who’s products should be on display such as the companies who make soda with pure cane sugar.

  • Jill

    I applaud you and your decision to ban all the bad things contained in our food. While I admit I love my Pepsi and sweets, more and more people are moving toward the no HFCS, MSG, aspartame, and suclarose. People need to become more aware of what is contained within our food and what their options are. I love eating at Jason’s, the salad bar is awesome and so are the sandwiches. My friend recently was introduced to a book called Death by Supermarket, which completely compliments the direction this restaurant is going. Its time we as a people stand up take our food back, to let the distributors know we aren’t going to stand for chemically induced products anymore just because it is bigger/faster/cheaper.

  • Dsmith1868

    Sorry. Lose the regular soft drinks and lose a regular customer and his family. Great to have that option for the those with the allergies and for the pastey sun-avoiding wholefood narcisistic hippie crowd. The other 95 percent of the population would like to have a coke every now and then.

  • billye gregoire

    hey rusty,,,if you are really concerned about giving people good food, get rid of soda alltogether, be it hfcs, cane juice, evaporated cane juice,,,it,s all the same crap, grow some,,,,,and just have 100% juice. the bottom line may suffer,,,,but you will be serving people good stuff.your survey really gives no choices

  • Kitten

    Thank you Jason’s Deli for trying to make your restaurant as healthy as possible. I would love a soft drink now and then, but I believe the HFCS causes cravings and ‘muffin top’ weight gain. It would be great to have a soft drink now and then with natural, old sugar instead! Also, thank you for not using MSG, to which our family is very sentitive. Perhaps, in the transition time, it would be beneficial to label the drinks and lunch meats as having HFCS and sulfites/nitrites, respectively, for those of us that can’t tolerate them.
    Most of all, thank you for making your restaurants healthy, happy places that we can eat safely. You are greatly appreciated!!

  • http://jplovescotton.wordpress.com jp

    I love Jason’s Deli. Favorite is the manager’s special half a Santa Fe Chicken sandwich with tomato basil soup. Sometimes I get water or tea but I also enjoy a soda. And although cane sodas are good, I like having the choice of Coke. I think increasing the choices is the best way to go.

  • Betsy Kinney

    So many folks frequesnt Jason’s Deli – and if you get rid of all the HFCS drinks – then more people will try other brands they might be unfamiliar with – and learn that they actually like them. Most of us stick with what we know we like, and this should help the movement towards making healthier choices. Most folks haven’t known to take the time to educate themselves on what is really in the food that they are eating – they figure if it’s being served, or if it’s on the shelves, it must be okay.

  • cudmaster

    The cool thing about fructose is that the body doesn’t recognize it and release insulin to deal with it.

    This is ok in fruit and such because those items have other natural sugars which will cause the body to release insulin.

    When you drink a soda containing naught but HFCS the stuff just hangs out in your system doing all sorts of damage particularly to the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

    This is why we are a nation of diabetics.

    All because the domestic sugar cane farmers and/or their friends in government are scared of the free market ( http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/sc019 ), so sucrose is “too expensive” to use in bulk; You really can’t blame food and drink manufacturers for using HFCS, since using sucrose would double the cost of most items; the root of the problem (as in most things) government.

    However, in moderation and along with other sugars there isn’t anything inherently bad about fructose, if the Soda industry were to use a more natural “balance” of sugars instead of pure HFCS they could potentially retain low production costs while not killing their customers (a mix of fructose and sucrose is arguably better for you that either alone).

    Unfortunately the HFCS backlash will probably end with lawsuits similar to those against the tobacco industry and force it’s total removal from the market, which is sad, because used properly, it is a good product that certainly has it’s uses.

  • Michelle

    Jones soda is made with cane sugar, and its the best soda out there

  • Emily

    Please consider adding Big Sky sodas to your repitoire. I am not a fan of Hansen’s sodas. Thanks!

  • naxhieli

    Thank you for caring about your costumers i think this will be just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. for that, way to go Jason’s Deli!!!

  • Francesca Blueher

    Your policy on HFCS is one of the reasons I came back to your restaurant after you first opened. A friend had asked me to lunch there for my first visit where I was pleasantly surprised that you did not include HFCS in your menu items—-Bravo!!!!!!! I have been trying to exclude HFCS from our family’s diet for years now. Also, I am an elementary teacher and have banned it from my classroom! I know how it is in virtually every processed food product and how difficult it is to eliminate from out diet today. Thanks for taking a stance to serve healthy food so that we can better celebrate our bodies! I am a true fan!

  • dayna

    I love virgils root beer and black cherry cream soda!

  • Angel

    I am more concerned with caffeine than I am with HFCS, since I prefer diet drinks in general. In fact, the primary reason I frequent Jason’s is that the location on Peachtree Blvd carries caffeine free diet coke in the soda fountain. I have to search diligently to find establishments that cater to my need for caffeine free diet drinks.

    I appreciate that some of your restaurants carry the caffeine free diet coke, but wish that they ALL did!

  • Lindsey

    THANK YOU for even considering this and caring what your customer base wants! I just got an “oh well” letter back from a prominent Texas ice cream company who does not show the same interest in at least *this* customer’s (mine) preference to avoid HFCS. It’s a cheap substitute and tastes terrible, aside from all the questions of whether it’s contributing more dramatically to America’s obesity problem than sugar.

    A girlfriend and I are chosing Jason’s tonight for our girl’s night out! I love what you’ve done with the menu–providing organic options and fresh healthy food. Thank you!

  • Marilyn

    I LOVE Jason’s Deli and the changes you’ve made to your menu lately. I have a ridiculous amount of food allergies and trying to cook for myself is difficult enough! Eating out is nearly impossible. I love that you have the new gluten free items. I hadn’t had a sandwich in 18 months until I heard you had gluten free bread. The sandwiches are AMAZING. I’m so glad you are looking at changing your sodas too. I know that the main concern is healthy vs. fatty or sugary foods, but I love that I can eat at your restaurant without worrying about my food allergies. Thank you soooo much!!

  • http://cbmlphoto.etsy.com JPB

    People (Americans) will consume whatever is put before them, which is why no one really noticed how sugar was quietly phased out from the major soft drink brands during the 90′s. Maybe try a similar tactic at Jason’s Deli: begin to offer non-HFCS fountain beverages and over the course of X weeks/months/years, remove those HFCS drinks. People won’t notice over that time and JD will be HFCS free!!

  • http://www.Krisaela.wordpress.com Krisaela

    Thank you. I hate that crap.

  • RichR

    I mostly drink water or tea. Never HFCS soda. Never diet/aspartame soda. Very rarely I will have a cane sugar based soda. Even sugar-based sodas should be moderated!

    I applaud Jason’s for eliminating MSG, Transfat, and hopefully HFCS. I try to avoid HFCS in the grocery store, but it is nearly impossible. Good to have an ally!

  • Lee

    I’m allergic to corn and it seems that most corn products including HFCS trigger that allergy. I’d be grateful for a reprieve from the stuff.

  • VonZipper

    Please check out http://blueskysoda.com/ very good sodas and some organic also.

  • scott halbert

    if jason’s deli stands for healthy eating, you already know what to do. don’t seek your public’s opinion. if you don’t stand for healthy eating, then it doesn’t matter. i haven’t been to one in a long time but when i visited my sister in california i always knew that when we went to “the good earth” that EVERYTHING was healthy (i wasn’t into organic then, so i don’t know how that was a factor there). and i know that my local organic restaurant is 100% usda organic (i know that doesn’t mean the same as 100% organic but at least i don’t have to ask what i’m getting). even when i go into your restaurant now, i still ask every time “what’s your most organic item” (i shouldn’t HAVE to do this because everything should be organic and healthy in every restaurant). maybe everybody isn’t as health conscious as i am, but if they get there and find out that EVERYTHING is healthy, maybe jason’s will move higher on their list of choices (and maybe you overtake panera bread in the number one spot of healthy restaurants that i just read).

  • Kelli D.

    It’s nice to see a restaurant chain seek the opinions of its customers. I can’t stand HFCS-sweetened soda and was THRILLED when Pepsi offered Throwback.

    YES, please offer natural cs-sweetened beverages (if you can get the Pepsi, I’d be a happy camper!

  • LaToya

    I would love it if Jason’s offered pure cane sodas. I have a little one who is allergic to corn. With HFCS in almost every convienience food, it is really tough to feed her on the go.

  • Shar

    Over the years, I’ve gotten used to diet drinks, and won’t touch a drink with (I thought) sugar, because it tasted bitter. I went to the Dr. Pepper plant in Dublin, Tx, where they use cane syrup. I had a Dr. Pepper, and it tasted delicious and refreshing, like the drinks when I was young (1950′s). I now realize that it’s HFCS that’s so bitter. I would LOVE for Jason’s to bring back cane sugar drinks.

  • Sabrina

    I would love this, I have an extreme sulfite allergy and just found out high fructose corn syrup contains sulfites. Which may be good to know since Jason’s deli is known for fresh, preservative free food.

  • Leticia Youngblood

    Yes, please get rid of the High Fructose Corn Syrup. Natural cane sugar is a much better choice and I prefer Dr Pepper made with cane sugar which is hard to find but worth it when you find one!


    Dublin Dr. Pepper! My family is from Dublin, TX and I’m very familiar with the great taste of Dublin Dr. Pepper! LOVE IT!

  • Craiggie Weggie

    Three words for you: Dublin Dr. Pepper!!

    Made the old fashioned way with real cane sugar and tastes fantastic!

    Otherwise, yes, please give us options nixing HFCS, or better yet, demand the soft drink providers change their ways or at least give us the option of real cane or HFCS. I guarantee, 95% of folks will choose the sugar cane!

    Thanks, Jason’s Deli for fighting the good fight!

  • http://www.kitchen-blender-reviews.com April from Kitchen Blender Reviews

    While traveling we ordered take out from the Houston Jason’s Deli and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that you have removed the bad actors from your menu.

    We would very much appreciate it if Jason’s Deli would remove or at least provide alternative choices to HFCS … just really good filtered water would be great vs. chlorinated tap water.


  • Melissa

    Add Zevia sodas. Calorie free and all natural with stevia leaf as the sweetener. I love Zevia cola!

  • Renee

    LOVE the commitment to HFCS-free drinks. Please continue working on reducing sodium, too. The reduced sodium ranch dressing on my last visit was a welcome surprise!

  • Ralph

    Who cares? The key is everything in moderation.

    The other key is excercising!

  • Rick

    Not just Hansen’s, but Blue Sky is good too! I usually buy my soda from Sunflower, and this stuff is almost ALWAYS on sale. Much cleaner taste than the syrupy Coke and Pepsi stuff!!

  • Albert

    The Jason’s Deli in Round Rock, TX used to have Dublin Dr. Pepper but it has been removed and replaced with the normal HFCS version, what happened?

    • http://www.jasonsdeli.com Rusty

      Thanks for writing and we appreciate your question.
      We are currently in search of other pure cane sugar options to fill the void left by the passing of Dublin.
      Have a good day!

  • Ali

    I love that you are going the healthy route with your menu offerings. I love your restaurant, but have recently realized how dangerous gluten consumption is.
    Besides salads, more gluten-free menu options would be a welcome change.

  • http://www.pay-ex.com Doug

    Considering your soda’s made me think about your cups. I’m not sure how they are around the country, but here in Grandview, OH,the lids are horrible. They’re thin, hard to get on and come off very easily. Jason’s seems like a great company and I would love to see this recommendation heard as even location managers agree.

    Thanks–and sorry for intruding in an irrelevant space.

    • http://www.jasonsdeli.com Rusty

      We understand your concern! As far as I know, we ARE working on this issue!!

  • Jennifer

    I haven’t had soda in about 7 years. My children are not allowed to drink soda either. If you changed the type of sugar that is in the soda machhine, I may allow my kids to try it…or then again we may not. I feel like sodas full of chemicals that are harmful to one’s body and is part of the reason that Americans are sooooo unhealthy. In my opinion it should just be taken out of resturants. I appreciate the fact that you offer organic milk for kids, however, my two Chinese children are allergic to cow’s milk, I would LOVE to see Soy milk offered.

    • http://www.jasonsdeli.com Rusty

      Thank you for taking the time to write us. It’s input from customers like you who help us grow and improve!

  • http://Jason'sDeli Jan

    I would rather have cane sugar. Saw on Veria channel an explanation from MDs and other researchers of difference in metabolism of HFCS and sucrose/normal table sugar. Per Veria: sugar is converted to glucose (a carb, the only thing the body burns for energy, ONLY (souce:me)) while HFCS is converted in the liver to triglycerides in the blood which is then stored as fat). So we have to use up all the carbs/glucose before we get to burning the stored fat/HFCS. And we intake ALOT of HFCS! SO, BOTTOM LINE, I’d rather not have so much of HFCS!

  • http://Jason'sDeli Jan

    I would rather have cane sugar. Saw on Veria channel an explanation from MDs and other researchers of difference in metabolism of HFCS and sucrose/normal table sugar. Per Veria: sugar is converted to glucose (a carb, the only thing the body burns for energy, ONLY (souce:me)) while HFCS is converted in the liver to triglycerides in the blood which is then stored as fat). So we have to use up all the carbs/glucose before we get to burning the stored fat/HFCS. And we intake ALOT of HFCS! SO, BOTTOM LINE, I’d rather not have so much of HFCS! PS: Thanks for being aware of these health issues and making healtier food available! I really appreciate it and have been aware for quite awhile. That’s why I like to eat at Jason’s, in addition to the food being great!

    • http://www.jasonsdeli.com Rusty

      Seems like you enjoy doing your research! We try hard to improve our products. Thanks for writing on the blog!

  • http://www.theferm.org Greg

    I was about to select the “add more cane sugar” option. However, if you are really going to preach the pure food message, then you need to go all in and replace ALL HFCS, not just some (you wouldn’t replace just SOME foods with MSG).

    Bravo for attempting to make a statement and continuing to serve high quality and great tasting food in the process!

  • Dawn

    HFCS is not food. Therefore we do not consume it. It should not be eaten or served in foods/drinks. Thanks for listening to your customers.

    • http://www.jasonsdeli.com Rusty

      You are welcome and thanks for cheering us on!

  • Elizabeth

    I am a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and the amount of HFCS in the diets of today’s children is appalling! It’s in everything they eat. Take it out of your restaurant. There are plenty of available soft drinks with pure cane sugar, including Dr. Pepper and Coke bottled in Mexico. The extra cost is worth and it will send a message to soft drink companies.

  • http://www.zxoomers.com/JennDavis Jenn

    I love this awareness! The world is shifting one place at a time. That’s what it takes. A bold stand to say “We honor our bodies”. I also love the drinks out make with Stevia. They are super yummy in the case me or my kids want a soda. A little more costly, but sure can’t put a value on our health can we! Thanks so much! Appreciate people like you in our community! Hooray!

  • http://lyubabogan.com Martin Bogan

    I love the video – love the attitude. Thanks for working towards a common good and proving it can be profitable at the same time!

    Bon Apetite.

  • TheHungerGames#1Obsessor

    I do enjoy Jason’s deli from time to time but,
    I like the sodas that presently exist. If Jason’s Deli changed to cane sugar I would boycott it! I may be only 12 years of age but, when don’t like something I refuse to eat/drink it. In a way I control what my family eats and sometimes what they drink. Don’t think i’m one of those spoiled little brats! I just don’t enjoy drinks like Hansens and 365 and what ever natural drinks are out there. In short, keep your sodas the same!

    ~Don’t forget to read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ;)

  • Pamela


  • Caleb Fisher

    My wife and I would love to be able to go Jasons Deli and enjoy soda with no HFCS with our food. We live in Atlanta ( Coke Capital!!! ) and hate the fact that when we dine in your deli’s here we only have a choice of tea or water. As chiropractic students we do NOT like eating or drinking anything that is un-natural like HFCS (chemical cocktail). One of our favorite pizza joints here in Atlanta has Boylan’s in the soda fountain machine. I hope you will consider the out cry for a healthier option for those like us.

  • Bryan

    Sugar in its many forms simply lowers your immune system and wreaks havoc on your body as it tries to find a way to get rid of it. The only function that it provides is feeding yeast cells in your gut which is the reason for the health epidemic today. Less processed sugars such as cane sugar is better for you than highly processed sugars however eliminating the sugar is the best choice for everyone’s health. I challenge anyone who reads this to eliminate sugar from youy diet entirely and stop feeding the yeast. It is truly an addiction and ultimately at the root of our demise. How about some green tea that is infused with things like jasmine and chamomille, berries etc…. you know God Food!!

  • Craig

    I’m all for getting rid of the soft drinks with HFCS in them. BUT!!!! We are died-in-the-wool Dr Pepper drinkers. Dr Pepper IS already available with Imperial cane sugar as a sweetener (Dublin Dr Pepper). If you get rid of the HFCS version, we will GLADLY pay more for the sugar version. For the record, it DOES taste better than the HFCS version and most folks who drink Dr Pepper will agree.

  • Beverly Pizzurro

    YES! I love that you are looking at eliminating HFCS from your soft drinks. Bravo to Jason’s Deli!

  • Jimmy

    Thanks! Fructose Malabsorption is very common in the USA. (especially in people with Celiac Disease)+ Children from 1 to 7 years old + many more. Places like Canada care more about their peoples health. They don’t allow hfcs at all. A bottle of Heinze ketchup here reads hfcs – in Canada it reads
    sugar. I live in Texas. I don’t buy or eat
    anything with hfcs in it. My friends & family don’t either. That’s what is making all of our youth overweight. It’s in everything that kids love. So sad.
    It’s wonderful that you care & provide healthy
    food. One of our friends is 98 years old & healthy. We eat a lot at your deli.

  • http://www.trilliumrareprints.com Mindy

    On the rare occasion my husband, 4 kids, and I go out to eat, we’re always in the mood for Jason’s Deli. I appreciate your goal to eliminate “fake food”. My kids know that “fake sugar” is bad sugar (as is too much real sugar)! We also appreciate the low prices on kids’ meals. They love them and so do we!

  • joe


    YES to sugar cane that is Fair Trade and USDA organice

  • Ryan

    I notice that others have made this suggestion but let me add my voice to the list of those supporting Hansen’s soda as a natural option. Also, Steaz teas and energy drinks would be nice.

  • Dee Jensen


    I’m so happy your doing this! Everytime I go into Jason’s my kids and I get into this argument! I would love to be able to show them that eating healthy goes and in hand with drinking healthy!

  • kay kay sim

    the only thing you should change is the drinks. i love powerade but you dont have it

  • Sandy McManus

    I have food allergies and Corn is one of them.. I Love that you are considering this!! Are your employees also knowledgable what foods such as breads and dressing have HFCS in them? If so I would be very excited to add you to my list of restaurants!!! I love Jason’s Deli!!

  • Mike Meier

    I think it is a fantastic move that you are considering healthier option for your customers, especially in the fight against the over use of HFCS in almost every processed food today. I try and stay away from soda altogether due to the simple sugar breakdown, however, I think it is wise to give your customers choice. Americans love Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. I like the idea of offering the cane based drinks, but don’t lose a current customer if it doesn’t cost you more to keep the choice. On a personal note, thank you for always offering fresh and tasteful plain iced tea. It is wonderful. Great Job!

  • Bryan

    I hardly ever buy cokes anymore. That is why i go crazy when I see the ‘throwback’ drinks in the store. I don’t like Mountain Dew. That is until I tried the Throwback version… and it even has orange juice in it!!! Every now and then I splurge and get the Mexico bottled Coke or even the Dublin Dr. Peppers… but they are costly.

  • Adrienne Donatto

    I don’t eat healthy all the time and that is a habit I would like to break. I love coming to Jason’s Deli because the food is healthy and delicious. I try to avoid soda in general but I’d love it if they offered soda without HFCS, like Jones soda.

  • http://Jason'sDeli Gail

    Love Coke, being raised in Georgia, there is no other drink for me. Hate any Pepsi product. Keep Coke for us tried and true Southerners, and add the other more expensive brands for the other folks who like them.

  • Pam Rosenquist

    I love the black currant tea that is served at your restaurants. My husband and I live in Minnesota during the summer, but it is hard to find Jason’s Deli’s there. In the winter months we reside in the Rio Grande Valley, where we go to Jason’s every week. I agree with one of the other reviewers that want healthier chips that come with the sandwiches. I understand the additional revenue you receive from additional chips, but I would rather have a few less chips and healthier chips.

  • Ellie

    I cannot wait to try Jason’s Deli. I’ve been begging my mommy and daddy to take me there for weeks. I think we’re going today. I am VERY excited. With all you can eat ice cream! And a salad bar! Yum Yummy!

  • Ashley

    What about sodas without sugar or HFCS? There are great sodas called Zevia sweetened with a natural 0 GI sweetener stevia.

  • Russ Landsberger

    Get rid of High Fructose Corn Syrup! Go organic as much as you can on all foods. Eat real food. Get rid of soy based foods and soy/corn/vegetable oils – use refined coconut oil.

  • wayne

    HFCS should be removed from all foods and drinks offered at Jasons as well as soft drinks like Diet Coke, and Coke Zero which has aspartame.
    The HFCS and the Aspartame are very bad and should not be offered in any way in any food.
    HFCS and aspartame effect the nervous system and and product with these items in them should be band from sale.

  • Mary Ford

    I’ve been a cokeaholic for years. I am so excited that the “old” coke has been brought back to some restaurants and grocery stores. There is a huge difference in taste. Please bring the pure cane sugar to Jason’s!!!

  • annonymous

    Folks, I think this business about removing the HFCS from sodas is stupid BECAUSE nobody should be drinking sodas anyway. Even if the sodas were made with cane syrup, there is nothing nutritious about consuming empty calories. I applaud Jason’s Deli for aiming to provide healthier options and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason’s Deli, but this is overkill. Just don’t drink soda. Kids should be drinking water, milk or a little juice. It is that simple!

  • Margaret

    My husband and I are vegans. Please provide more items to accommodate our needs. One addition that would be helpful is a vegan butter substitute like Earth Balance or Smart Squeeze. I love your spinach veggie wrap with steamed veggies. The addition of a vegan butter would be very nice.

    Another version of a veggie wrap would be great, too. Visit the Spiral Diner (Fort Worth) website for ideas.

    Thanks for working so hard to make your food meet the needs of folks who want to live a more healthy lifestyle.

  • Duane McGuire

    I always drink diet, and would prefer more caffine free, diet drinks. You usually have caffine free diet coke which is great, but today you were out of it. Shame, shame. How about adding a diet sprite as well.

  • Victoria

    I’m so happy to hear that Jason’s Deli is going to remove HFCS from their soft drinks! I rarely drink soda, but the once-in-a-blue-moon that I do have it, I don’t want to have any HFCS.

    I hope the next thing Jason’s Deli tackles is the amount of SODIUM found in their meals!

  • trevor

    if you replace coke with cane sugar drinks nobody has heard of you are going to lose a lot of normal customers. Either add to the selection without taking away the more popular choices, leave it alone and let the people who who wont drink hfcs have water, or lose customers

  • TS

    I love the idea of having a healthier choice available although we are not soda drinkers at all. Given that we are not soda drinkers I voted for the option of having both available. This vote was based on the idea that HFCS sodas are likely less expensive. Too bad insurance companies don’t give discounts to people who make healthy choices in their diets or send you coupons to eat at restaurants like yours who are in tune to better eating habits.

  • Daniela

    It’s sad how the U.S. allows companies to use HFCS after all the research on it that has proven how horrible it is for people. Sad that other countries, all of Europe & even Mexico still use Sugar as a sweetener but this “big grand country” doesn’t care enough about it’s citizens to stop it’s use!?!

    But then again they overlooked what the Cigarette companies were putting in cigarettes for so many years & let’s not forget about the Mercury (a known poison) that was put into Immunizations & injected into our children for so long. Let’s not get started on that now!

    I stopped drinking sodas mainly because of HFCS until recently when I noticed some companies advertising that they used real sugar for their product such as Dr. Pepper & the most recent permanently switched Sierra Mist. Now I won’t guzzle it down by the liter that’s for sure but a little fizzy drink every now & then isn’t so bad & now I can do it with a little peace of mind.
    : )

  • SparrowApril

    We frequent 2 deli locations. One has normal sodas & one has an alternative brand. My son can only have cafine free sodas & doesn’t like the taste of the alternative lemon lime.

  • Ryan

    Wow, who actually voted for the 2nd and 3rd choice? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. By all means Jason’s Deli, go forth and pave the way for other restaurants! Lately I’ve been trying to stay away from HFCS. Why eat something so controversial and so nasty. Thanks for eliminating it.

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